News story: Foreign Secretary holds bilateral meetings at Somalia Conference

Ministry of Defence said:
The Foreign Secretary William Hague met President Kenyatta and discussed Kenya’s significant contribution to Somalia and bilateral relations.
The Foreign Secretary and President Kenyatta discussed how best to support the Government of Somalia’s priorities for rebuilding the country; recognising Kenya’s vital role as a neighbour of Somalia, as a troop contributor to African Union Forces in the country, and host to more Somali refugees than any other nation. They also discussed a range of bilateral issues and how the UK and Kenya would work together on regional security, prosperity and development. The Foreign Secretary acknowledged President Kenyatta’s commitment to the judicial process with regards to the International Criminal Court.
Speaking after the meeting, the Foreign Secretary said “I expressed gratitude for Kenya’s significant contribution to bringing security to Somalia through the AU Mission in Somalia, and welcomed the progress made in recent discussions between regional leaders and the Somali President on building political stability in Somalia. We also discussed bilateral relations. The UK is the largest cumulative investor in Kenya, and there are more British visitors to Kenya than from anywhere else. It is in the interests of both our countries to build on these strong ties.”

Foreign Secretary William Hague with President Kenyatta of Kenya at the London Somalia ConferenceThe Foreign Secretary met Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam. They discussed how the international community could support the Somalia government’s priorities for rebuilding the country. The Foreign Secretary also acknowledged the important role Ethiopia has played in bringing greater stability in Somalia. Following recent local elections, the Foreign Secretary also raised the need for greater political choice at the next national elections in 2015, as well as the cases of two British nationals detained in Ethiopia.

Foreign Secretary William Hague and Ethiopian Prime Minister HailemariamThe Foreign Secretary met the Ugandan Foreign Minister, Sam Kutesa. During a wide-ranging and positive meeting they discussed the UK-Uganda bilateral relationship, Uganda’s leading role in efforts to bring stability in Somalia and eastern DRC, and trade and investment opportunities. The Foreign Secretary also raised UK concerns about the draft Anti-Homosexuality Bill currently being considered by Uganda’s Parliament.
William Hague today met Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssouf of Djibouti. They discussed how to support the Somalia government’s priorities for rebuilding the country and the Foreign Secretary expressed his appreciation for Djibouti’s contribution to bringing peace and security in Somalia. They also discussed the strengthening ties between the UK and Djibouti and commercial opportunities, ahead of the first ever UK-Djibouti trade and investment forum. The Foreign Secretary also raised recent parliamentary elections and the inclusion of opposition parties.

Foreign Secretary William Hague and Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssouf of Djibouti[h=3]Further information[/h]Find out more about the Somalia Conference


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