News story: Foreign Secretary calls for urgent end to bloodshed in Egypt

Ministry of Defence said:
Speaking after the call today, the Foreign Secretary said:
I welcomed Vice President El Baradei’s commitment to an inclusive political transition in Egypt, involving all political groups. We want to see a peaceful resolution that will bring an urgent end to the current bloodshed. In my view, this should involve a process of dialogue and reconciliation between all political parties in Egypt, including the Muslim Brotherhood.
I raised my concerns about the current situation, particularly the killing by security forces of over 80 civilians last weekend. I made clear that the UK condemned this excessive use of force, along with the attacks against security forces in Sinai, Mansoura and elsewhere. I also called for the release of all political detainees, including President Morsi, unless there are criminal charges to be made against them, and emphasised that it is vital that any charges are not politically motivated.



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I'm sure the Egyptian leadership is quaking in its sandals waiting to hear what Hague says next. He might just as well stand on the steps of the FCO singing 'My Old Man's a Dustman' for all anybody cares. I would have thought that smashing up the Moslem Brotherhood was very much in our interest. Let's go and get our canal back.

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