News story: Deputy Prime Minister's video message for Armed Forces Day

Ministry of Defence said:
Nick Clegg’s Armed Forces Day video message
[h=2]Full transcript[/h]The recent horrific events in Woolwich remind us just how much day-to-day the men and women of our Armed Forces community put their lives on the line. To protect and make our country safer.
Today, we recognise the bravery, commitment and resilience they’ve shown in recent weeks and throughout their service. And thank them for that sacrifice: given by some at the greatest cost.
From troops on the front-line. To the medics that treat them. Cooks that feed them. Lawyers and other professionals that support them. And the wider community of cadets, reservists and veterans that give so much. All deserve our gratitude for the invaluable work that they do. It does not go unnoticed.
And events - including this year’s national celebration in Nottingham - are taking place across the country to show people’s support.
During this time, it’s also important that we remember the families and loved ones of those who serve. The essential support they give back at home. The courage they show while separated, often for long periods of time. And sacrifices they make every day. Are inspirational.
So today, let’s take the time to show our Armed Forces community how proud we are of them.
And let them wear their uniforms with pride. We are immensely grateful. Thank you.


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