News story: Defence Secretary announces plans to better recognise reserves

The Ministry of Defence is considering introducing a post-nominal decoration for all reservists serving 10 years or more.

After a decade of continuous service, personnel would earn the right to signpost their reserve service using letters after their name to identify their contribution to the armed forces.

There are currently more than 22,000 serving reservists and under Future Force 2020 plans that number will increase to 35,000 by 2018.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

Reservists make a tremendous and growing contribution to our national security. Each is truly twice a citizen, and it is right that we publicly recognise this.

That is why I want to see a new reserve decoration with post nominal letters awarded to all who have provided long term service, regardless of rank. This would ensure that those who sacrifice so much to keep us safe are recognised properly.

The Ministry of Defence review will consider whether these post nominals should be awarded as a new reserve decoration or as part of the volunteer reserves service decoration.

This will be considered as part of the Ministry of Defence’s wider work to examine when, in line with the recommendations set out by Sir John Holmes’ 2014 independent medal review, the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, currently only available to personnel below the rank of officer, should be awarded to all ranks.

The review into the reserve decoration and Long Service and Good Conduct Medal will report to the Defence Secretary by the end of the year.

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The only acronym springing to my mind is OMG. Or, alternatively,I'd suggest FTLOGWITNOJTFC, standing for For the love of God, what in the name of Jesus-titty-fcking Christ?

Snappy, I know.

And not as post nominals, mind.

I'd like to suggest an additional measure in the same vein - all Reservists who serve over 5 years earn the right to wear Service Dress at work and in public, without fear of ridicule or redress.

Its hardly worse than the OP and if someone got an OJAR boost from that, then I may as well attempt the same - god knows mine needs it.
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Gutless ********, Reviled Excrescence, Twat Head.

Maybe the Stabs could get the post-nominal letters by instalments? 7 years' service: GA. 9 years' service GARE, 11 years: the full GARETH.

Perhaps another option would be to have something that represents that the TA/Army Reserve soldier isn't quite as good or as popular as a pimply youth with no qualifications (apart from having a skanky sister) from a sink estate who's joined the Regular Army: BTN (Better Than Nothing)?


I wonder if it will be backdated so all us old farts can use it, maybe a petition will help :) :)
can we have some post nominals for those who've actually served too?

will those who deploy get theirs more quickly?
Every bloody day DII has another 'Reserves" good news message. Who do they think they are kidding?
So you do 250 days service band camp for a Stab LSGC whereas the regs have to do 15 years....

Croc of balls, Am I missing something here????
Do you think instead of giving me a post nominal they could just pay me correctly occasionally instead?

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I understand a compulsory badge is coming with it, so, like the 1940's, instead of "Juden" Regulars can hiss "staaaab", or "Garettthh" at us.
I agree with jim30, this is a sticking plaster on a pig (literally in some cases). rather than a war dodging gong I'd rather effort was put into interesting stimulating training and improving what is for many a farcical G1 system. Any way to opt out of this gong and the pension?

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