News story: British Army celebrates new division in Germany

While the change in title, dropping the word ‘armoured’, might seem slight to some, in fact, the redesignation, as it is known, has huge significance. As part of the changes being implemented under Army 2020 the name-change reflects the fact that over the coming year the division will move from an armoured to a light infantry role and will be at the heart of the British Army’s Adaptable Force.

This Adaptable Force (AF) will provide a division of regular and reservist forces capable of undertaking war-fighting and stabilisation tasks while meeting standing commitments such as Cyprus and Brunei, and will work alongside reaction forces undertaking short-notice intervention tasks.

Major General James Chiswell, the Division’s General Officer Commanding, described the parade as poignant:

Not only does it signify the transition that we are going through, it also signifies the new opportunities open to us as the Army adjusts to meet the security challenges of the future.

The parade marking the redesignation of 1st (UK) Armoured Division [Picture: Staff Sergeant Mark Nesbit RLC, Crown copyright]

One of those challenges is the central role that the AF will take in defence engagement, ensuring UK and global stability by developing mutually beneficial international relationships and reducing the need to deploy on operations.

Major General Chiswell said:

Our effectiveness will rely on maintaining our credibility as a fighting machine capable of projecting force anywhere in the world, building better understanding and relationships overseas so that we can more fully play our part in an increasingly connected world.

With the temperature topping 36°C, the day of the parade was for the 1,000 soldiers taking part a time for reflection as well as for looking to the future. Under Army 2020, British troops will be saying goodbye to Germany after 54 years of calling it home, with soldiers and their families from 1st (UK) Division moving to York.

To mark the occasion, guests at the parade included dignitaries from the German civilian and military communities and a number of former general officers commanding of the division, including the Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Peter Wall, who inspected the troops. He said:

Today we recognise what a fantastic chapter in the history of the British Army our service in Germany has been since 1945.

A parachutist flying the Union Flag arrives on the parade square [Picture: Staff Sergeant Mark Nesbit RLC, Crown copyright]

Other dignitaries present included Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Germany, Sir Simon McDonald.

The man leading the day’s event, Command Sergeant Major Rab Loudon, said:

This parade is to mark the importance of everything that has gone before us, it’s to say we are proud of our history, but now it’s time to move forward.

On display throughout the parade were armoured vehicles such as Challenger and Warrior that reflected the division’s past capability, while Foxhound, Husky and Mastiff vehicles signposted the future.

Bringing the event to an exciting conclusion a pair of parachutists landed on the parade square to the James Bond theme played by the Band of the Royal Armoured Corps.

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"dropping the word armoured might seem slight to some" it might also mean its no longer Armoured which lets face it armour/tanks are among other things what makes armies ARMIES,.... but as long as they've got a band..
Who's the bods wearing RAC cap badges in lieu of regimental ones? I thought only the Stenhousemuir Fencible Yeomanry wore those still.

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*thread drift alert*

Most of you will not have known his father, Maj Gen Peter 'Chiz the Whiz' Chiswell: best described as having a.......errm...........robust outlook on life.


New division in Germany?

They're rebuilding the IGB?

Indeed - a stupid headline from some MOD Media Luvvie. Not sure that degrading from the 1st (UK) ARMOURED Division to some rag tag collection of AF Brigades in the UK is something to be celebrated.
So, remind me, this "new Division in Germany" will stay in Germany for how long?
I know I'm looking at it from a Cold War Warrior perspective, but that article is not getting me out dancing in the streets and flying the bunting. The gradual dismantling of the British Army (and the Armed Forces) continues, but, that's fair enough, because the world has become a much safer place in the past decade. :cry:


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Should not ARRSE pass the hat round to buy the Officer of the Guard some braces to hold his trousers up?
What a load of old bolleaux
I guess mod rss is getting the drift that we are not buying this great piece of news. Never mind we can apply force using our shiny new carriers.
"dropping the word armoured might seem slight to some" it might also mean its no longer Armoured which lets face it armour/tanks are among other things what makes armies ARMIES,.... but as long as they've got a band..

Bollocks, armour has only been around for 97 years. Armies a little longer.
So there gonna have to yomp everywhere to save some money.

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