News story: Bridge installation a milestone for UK carrier build

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Mar 14, 2013.

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  2. Glad to know the country will be safer after 2018.
  3. Errr it all looks very small to me. I was thinking something more well aircraft carrier like and not another through deck cruiser/ mini carrier
  4. R_C how about these images?

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  5. Given that they displace 65,000 tons, I'd hate to see your idea of something big...
  6. I see that you are not exactly au fait with the government's revolutionary and inexpensive through deck trawler design......!
  7. Well when you see these US carriers...... Not expecting anything that big but looking at the pictures, the ship does seem small. I am using the various people in the dry dock to get an idea of scale and depth.

    I remember seeing a US Amphibious Assault Ship and even that seems to dwarf our carrier though wiki tells me they are only 40,000tons
  8. So we've actually ordered how many again?



    … but please ignore all the planes drawn on deck. It's fitted for, but not with, planes and cats and traps obviously.
  9. Not forgetting the Nimitz class has now finished, to be replaced by the Ford class.......which is even bigger.

  10. TYVM the diagram is very helpfull.

  11. Actually, that's a very interesting photograph.
    US CVN's have about then same deck area as CVF, and the Ford Class CVN is shown carrying the same number of planes as our mighty carriers Air Wing will consist of.
    It's going to be a very empty deck on CVF.
  12. On the subject of aircraft embarked, from this diagrams it appears that most carriers have about 1 aircraft per 1000 tons. Aren't we missing 20 aircraft?

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  13. Do you think they change the F18 to F35 ratio depending on the current thinking? Or do they just accept what they are getting.
  14. Perhaps that is just as well, since the issue of maintaining fixed wing relevent skills for future deck crews et al has not been resolved, with a grand total of eight chockheads on exchange, then they return to the UK and will have no means to practise and maintain those skills.

    The First Sea Lord was right to be concerned about the skills issue. So was the Officer quoted by the Telegraph, and many others. See What the First Sea Lord said.... (ARRSE) and the PPRuNe Harrier thread.

    The politicians could so easily take a few measures, which would hardly break the bank, to produce a sensible and logical plan that addresses the issues of giving UK based fixed wing WAFUs something to fly and giving the crews of HM Ships Illustrious and Queen Elizabeth the opportunity to practise recovering, handling, launching, and operating with STOVL aircraft.