News story: Baroness Warsi welcomes regional support to Afghanistan

Ministry of Defence said:
Baroness Warsi attended the Istanbul Process Ministerial Conference on Friday 26 April and delivered the UK’s intervention.
Foreign Office Minister Baroness Warsi said:
Promoting Afghanistan’s stability and prosperity is vital for the people of Afghanistan. The Istanbul Process is an important initiative, led by Afghanistan and the region and is supported by the international community. It is playing a vital role to deliver and improve peace and prosperity for Afghanistan’s neighbours. I am, therefore, proud that the UK can be an active supporter of this important initiative.
At the Conference, Ministers endorsed measures designed to build capacity in Afghanistan and confidence between Afghanistan and its neighbours. Baroness Warsi committed the UK, as a supporter country, to play an important role.
Baroness Warsi said:
We are pleased that the Heart of Asia continues to develop and welcome the progress made here in Almaty today. The UK has committed to support five of the six confidence building measures. We understand that these tracks of activity have the potential to build Afghan capacity significantly and to strengthen the ties between neighbours.
[h=3]Further information[/h]Read about the FCO policy on establishing stability in Afghanistan.

And it will take the Talebs a whole 5 minutes to bin this and every other stupid initiative introduced as soon as we pull out.
Another day goes by - and another fuckwit draws pay out of all proportion to their usage.
I hope "Rupert’s Recipes" will be no where near this.

Tory peer Baroness Warsi and her secret business - Telegraph

A Sunday telegraph investigation found

Lady Warsi’s business partner, Abid Hussain, accompanied her on a ministerial trip to Pakistan where he met leading politicians;

* Mr Hussain has been a leading member of Hizb ut Tahrir, the radical Islamic group the Tories promised to ban while in opposition;

* It is unclear if Mr Hussain was subjected to security vetting before accompanying the peer to Pakistan;

* Lady Warsi has been on 17 foreign trips while in office, even though her role as party chairman is to foster relations with grassroots members.
A Sunday telegraph investigation found

* Lady Warsi has been on 17 holidays at public expense while in office, even though her role as party chairman is to foster relations with grassroots members.[/I]
Fixed, Gratis.

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