News story: Assad regime bears overwhelming responsibility for Human Rights violation

Ministry of Defence said:
Commenting on the Commission of Inquiry’s report on Syria, issued today, the Foreign Secretary said:
The report by the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria paints a devastating picture of human rights abuses and suffering. Our thoughts are with all the Syrian people who continue to endure this terrible situation.
The Commission’s report confirms that the Assad regime bears overwhelming responsibility for the situation in Syria, and for the worst human rights violations and abuses.
We therefore welcome the Commission’s call for the UN Security Council to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court, a course of action that we strongly support. We will remain at the forefront of international efforts to ensure accountability for the crimes being committed in Syria, and will continue to support the work of UN Commission of Inquiry.
The UK condemns in the strongest possible terms all human rights violations and abuses in Syria. We call on all sides to respect international humanitarian and human rights laws, and to pursue a genuine Syrian-led political transition.
[h=4]Further Information[/h] Read the report by the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria
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Foreign Secretary William Hague gave an update on the crisis in Syria on 10 January

Room 101 Working late for a Monday.
Pre us poking our shonks in - Syria - fairly civilized and secular benign dictatorship for 99% of the population.

Now? Rapidly turing into an islamist hellhole for 99% of the population
Are we expected to believe that it is only Assad's Forces causing Human Rights abuses and that the FSA and Al Qaeda franchises are holier than thou?

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