News story: Army return from Germany to boost UK economy by GBP1.8 billion

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. A supporting document detailing the individual moves and the impact on local areas can be found at

  2. Welcome to Stafford.
  3. Join the Army. See the Midlands. Not much of a recruiting tool is it?
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  4. Welcome to the UK Defense Force*.

    *Name subject to change post 2014 Jockenese vote.
  5. Oh I don't know water skiing?
  6. I notice that 11 Bde has been re-raised 3 years after it was disbanded ( albeit at the expense of 2 Reserve Bde HQs 2x and 145X look set for the chop).

    Makes sense - IIRC both bdes only have one Battle Group each.

    Publicans around Salisbury must be rejoicing :)
  7. Quote from the BBC "There has been a British army presence in Germany for nearly 70 years.".

    My fukin grandad might suggest we were there a bit before 1943. Perhaps they meant an American presence ...........
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  8. Not quite Frank windsurfing his way around Cyprus though is it? Thank **** I'm all but done and managed to get my time done in what was left of overseas.
  9. Can we claim the poor bastards that went into the bag at Dunkirk as a presence?
  10. You do mean Welcome to the UK Defense Farce?.

    That is assuming in 2019 there is suct a thing at all.
  11. I suggest we all join the Preppers ..........because if some thing does go tits up ther will be no f#ckr else left to defend the place .

    But hey on the bright side once we get Independence we can make our own decisions on defence and Westmidden and its thieving public schoolboys can go f#ck themselves ...err sorry .... each other !! ;)
  12. All this doom and gloom news means that there will be no British military presence in Germany after 2020? Wrong!

    There is a Brit Signal Troop in Elmpt remaining in Germany, but will re-locate to Wesel as part of the NATO Signal unit.

    As for TFSU(G) in Monchengladbach, their future is yet to be decided, but they are not expected to switch off the lights and lock the front gate by 2023. Although if the training area down in southern Germany (belonging to the Americans) is to be used, then TFSU(G) could remain open for longer and utilised in the same way as BATUS.

    Basically if you're not part of any Armoured Brigade/ 11 Sig Brigade or 1 UK Division, you can keep eating bratties as those Tesco's horseburgers just don't cut the mustard!
  13. It's longer than that, Grandad, after the first big kick off stayed on to occupy the Rhineland, as part of the 1919 Versailles Treaty. And between Nov 1918 and June 1919, assited in the repatriation of POWs both to and from the home of the bosche. He had joined the regs in 1905 as a pads brat in India, and he left the Army in 1927.
    So 1918-2015 makes 97 years providing the last troops leave then. However not sure when British troop left the Rhineland, and as me grandad is staging on in Gods 5 Angel Brigage (unmounted, due to cut backs), can't ask him either.
    Never had much to say about the war, but was wounded 3 times at the same place (Hellfire Corner) and often wondered, just what he had done so as to upset the Hun.
  14. I'm a bit late on this thread. The original BAOR was formed in March 1919 and disbanded sometime in 1929 according to the really accurate book "The British Army in Germany (BAOR and After): An Organizational History 1947 - 2004". Ten years after the first fixture plus (as of now) just shy of 68 years after the second fixture equals about 80 years of having a British Army presence of some sort in Germany. On a bit of a tangent, but my Grandad fought in WW2 and enjoyed a successful Army career for 20 odd years after and never went anywhere near Germany.