News story: Armoured manoeuvres underway on Salisbury Plain

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, May 23, 2013.

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  2. Today's news:

    Our Army is conitnuing to train - with the utmost enthusiasm - for the conflicts it is least likely ever to have to fight.

    Mark Hiskett: well done.
  3. It's a type of war we've fought twice since 1990, and the type of war that the Israelis had forgotten about in 2006 when Hezbollah kicked their arrse...

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  4. Do **** off. Look closely at our record, and you'll find that we fight less efficiently now than we did in 1944, or in 1991,

    Inefficiently defeating the piss-poor Army of a tinpot dictator (only then to get whupped in Basra, by his enemies) is not the same thing as meeting the security needs of the UK in the 21st Century.
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  5. Two types of cam are used on Salisbury plain so you can have opposing sides when playing at sojers!
  6. At last, a type of war I can understand.
  7. Oh gosh yes, those hastily issued training fleet AFVs have been painted differently! Let's paint them all now, right now, every last one gleaming like peas in a pod, the whole damned fleet, it has to be worth it so that you can rest easy!
  8. How many MBTs does Ireland have these days and are they both on the road?
  9. this is like the old Ex Phantom Bugle frpm the 80's aint it?
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  10. None actually

    What I'm saying is that with 1 squadron of tanks and 2 Coys of armd inf that gives you 3 possible coy/sqn command appointments to rotate people on the course through. Plus probably staff appointments and BGHQ.

    It's a 5 day ex lets say for arguments sake there is 5 appointments available for the students. That's 25 appointments (for 1 day each).

    Either there is very few students or they don't get much practice.

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  11. We should bin that NBC bollox; last used WW1.:winkrazz:
  12. Those are ID rings, makes it easier to work out which tank you are looking at. If I remember correctly this would make that tank the troop Corporal's.