News story: Armed Forces Day aerial spectacular

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Jun 14, 2013.

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  2. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I love bling as much as the next man but these things really should go. How can we justify keeping a squadron for whizzing round at airshows when we're chopping real military capability left right and chelsea. If the defence chiefs really want to emphasise the impact of defence cuts then bye bye Red Arrows, bye bye, King's Troop and the massed bands, bye bye anything that's not main effort.
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  3. those are the main effort

  4. You need to ask successive Prime Ministers, who have told CAS that even hinting at chopping the Red Arrows will be nothing more than a waste of printer ink. It appears that when it comes to the Red Arrows, the Tabloids assess that element of defence capability and their strategic direction to the PM is that the RAFAT is fundamental to the defence of the realm...

    There was a thread on Pprune a while back which illustrated this - apparently, CAS had come up with some scheme to suggest that the Hawk was a perfect ground attack aircraft because of the 30mm cannon and ability to carry bombs [see Arrse, passim, 2001-whenever Magic Mushroom finally managed to kill the last proponent of the idea by highlighting why it was nonsense], so shouldn't get rid of the team.

    It caused some ire amongst those making the case that keeping an aerobatic team and cutting front line capabilities was at best perverse, but it then became obvious that this supposed intervention by CAS had come about three weeks after Cameron had said that there was no way that the Red Arrows would be binned while he was Prime Minister, and there was no need for any discussion or proposals about why they should stay, becasue they were staying as long as he was in charge.* And, by the by, the story appeared about ten days after the RAF withdrew the 30mm Aden from use as well.

    The suspicion was... Oh! The horror!... that the story may have been made up. We were shocked, I tell, you, shocked. Or not, since it was the Express.

    * Which, on previous form, means they'll be gone by the time of the next election