News story: Apaches take off for Estonia

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson bid farewell to Army aviators as they took off for Estonia, where they will be training alongside NATO forces working to reassure our allies and deter our adversaries.

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Will Gav be going along to tell the Russians to go away and shut up?
That’s over a thousand miles direct. Interesting journey.
That’s over a thousand miles direct. Interesting journey.
I thought they would've shipped them over to save flight hours on the engines.
I would have thought they would the frames they already had there and just fly the crews out en-masse. More hours added to frame time. @verticalgyro ?
Clearly they could self deploy, if required. We used to do that for the Balkans all the time with Lynx and Gazelle. Even self deployed Defenders to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Much easier these days to throw them in the back of a C17 or a rented Antonov. I'm not in the Apache world any more so couldn't tell you how these ones got there.

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