News story: Apache Hellfire missiles restocked in £15 million deal

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, May 20, 2013.

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  2. Army buys ammunition. Riveting.
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  3. In other news
    Chefs cook spag bol for dinner
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  4. Actually no, Guided Weapons are Capital Expenditure, which AFAIK is a treasury pot, not an MoD one.
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  5. That is interesting. Could you explain the thinking behind this?
  6. Shouting 'Bang' during peacetime is cheaper?
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  7. It's the extreme costs, that would be difficult to include in any budget. With most conventional ammunition we buy periodically, depending on perceived usage. For example, we might buy 10,000 155mm HE shells each year for the life of the equipment or capability.

    With guided weapons we will buy them in bulk for the full lifetime of that Guided Weapon. So when we bought Milan in the early '80s (which went out of service in 2005), we bought 25 years worth of missiles in one go from BAE. The Milan in 1980 was £10k a pop and we probably bought in the region of 20,000 missiles.

    The guided weapons we hold approximate 10% of the total munitions held, but 90% of the value. Because of their expense, every guided weapon fired in training has to be monitored by ATO, if a missile fails as a result of the missile itself failing (as opposed to human error), then those costs are often recovered from the manufacturer.
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  8. JINGO

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  9. Sorry.

    Government buys ammunition for Army. Riveting.
  10. On my rough calculations between 350-400 missiles.
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  11. Who's complaining? Some WO3 in the IPT?