News report on redundancy, anyone help source it?

While on train today, and reading over another passengers shoulder, I read a report that there had been redundancy notices served to senior officers, some of whom had received theirs whilst in the Gulf.

Anyone read this? Can’t find even a hint on Google!

Saw a glimpse of this in the NOTW today as well. Apparently redundancy notices were serve to them some of them while in Iraq. There may had been a thread on the topic in CA few weeks back.
I don't know where else it appeared, but it was an add-on paragraph to a story on the front page of yesterday's Telegraph headed "Ten UK soldiers face international war crimes trial". It's only a few lines and says:

"Redundancy notices have been sent to 190 majors born between 1960 and 1974 as a part of the Ministry of Defence restructuring scheme. About 50 of the officers are still serving in Iraq. An MOD spokesman said: "All redundancies remain voluntary at this stage.""


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