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news report from Iraq

come on guys. she is just like a new kid at school.

she is trying to find ways to make pals and fit in with the cool gang (us by the way 8O :D :D )

Im sure we all did it when we first joined an forum online.

Anya, try not to be over enthusiastic with the posts.

Look at RTFQ and lord flash-heart for example. They post quite sparesly but the quality of their posts is what makes them so appealing to the rest of us.

agent smith
Is that appealing or appalling? Either way, we like their style. With all those words. In order. Spelled correctly. Sort of making sense. Sometimes even with a point. Oh well. Young boys playing football in the park. Jumpers for goalposts.
I maybe daft but i ain't gonna go out my way to attempt to put some one down! well unless they are male..........ginger.......have a small dick.........beer belly and glasses
come on guys. she is just like a new kid at school.
Yes but one of those annoying little Tw@s that dont learn until theyve been given a good kicking :twisted:
Unfortunately the virtual violence hasn't been successful so far :roll:

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