News on the new GP rifle

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. What is the update anyone know. I've heard feb next year from the north then to filter down. Is that correct?
  2. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Yeah, I heard that the North are getting it first. Its expected in my CCF in Surrey in 2009/10..
  3. Seen pictures of an Air cadet one and looks nice and my SCC area is due theres early next year.
  4. Ask your CEO - he/she will by now have the table showing the date for distribution to your county. No really - I've seen it! (Sorry, no copy to hand, and anyway it's probably restricted).
  5. Come on guys, be brave...........

    What are the months different detachements/Contingents expecting them (in theory)?
  6. Basically, roll out will be north to south beginning in Mar 09. London should have theres by Mar 2010, but already some dates have been brought forward, so it may arrive earlier.

    Scaling will be 1 per 6 cadets*. BFAs and blank mags will be 1 per 4 rifles but there is possibility of more being acquired during the roll out.

    *Anyone know what the current scaling is? And does anyone know what will happen to the A1s? Will they soldier on, or sold off/scrapped ?
  7. If your talking about the images on, that one has been revealed as a fake by a bored air cadet made by mixing an L85A2 upper and cocking piece with an L98A1 TMH.
  8. I ve already had avanced training on this, its similar to the SA80 only thing is there is no change lever to A, that is welded shut to R.
  9. The North south decision for distribution was made on the toss of a coin! As are most of the cadet forces most serious decisions. we will of course get them when the lowest bidder has completed the orders. oh and then you must take them from the cold dead claws of the QM.
  10. Now that I will enjoy.
  11. We just got the L85A2 drill. WHT pass in the book, job's a good 'un. Nothing more to learn when we get the rifle.

    Half the cadets in my det have/or had L85 WHT passes in the last couple of years.

    Have you actually seen an L98A2 yet. Any truth in the rumour that it has black furniture and a round, or L85A1 style cocking handle, and not the new curved one?

    (I thought the cocking handle was there to prevent misfeeds and the black furniture was binned because the regs were jealous, because it looked too 'ally' for cadets! :D )
  12. I still can't understand why cadet forces were ever giving that crap Cadet GP rifle, that cocking handle extension bar is totally w@nk. What's worse is for some retarded reason CTT in my area used to insist that the original GP cocking handle be refitted when using the .22 sub-calibre adaptor, fcuking muppets.
  14. So it misfeeds a lot then? The Sub calibre kit was never designed to move that much metal. Also I'd not be too happy for a cadet to be firing it with that sloppy shithouse door bolt reciprocating at every round.

    The (apocryphal?) story of the time of its ordering was that the SCC, CCF and ATC wanted a semi auto gas operated weapon but the ACF didnt because they said cadets won't clean it properly. The ACF, being the biggest group of representatives on the committee, simply outvoted the other cadet Forces. Also they argued that if cadets were given semi-auto, they would just be brassing up the area/range like it was going out of fashion!

    It had nothing to do with Hungerford/Michael Ryan either. That came long after the decision had been made, but was toted as a justification for the correct decision, or any misunderstanding that cadets were subject to the Firearms Act 1968, or were likely to come under it in the future.
  15. walt_of_the_walts, yeah for obvious mechanically reasons the force of the .22 blowback can’t push back the much higher mass of the GP cocking handle along with the greater friction from the running rail. Concerned for safety I whinged big style about it and the use of the GP cocking handle was stopped, it was likely only laziness in not drawing spare SA80 cocking handles to use with the kits.

    In regards to the semi-auto issue, I always thought it would have been better to have had the GP as a .22 blowback semi (as with a sub-cal GP). I can see the argument about a semi-auto being an invitation for Cadets to go all Septic but surely that's an issue of training not design.