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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FNUSNU, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. Perhaps we should drop them a line 'thanking' them for breaking the 'abuse video' story and getting 2 of our blokes killed.
  2. I suggest the line in question is wriiten on a 155mm HE and airburst in the edtors office
  3. To quote Hamlet
    "Out foul spot"
    The blood of our guys is firmly on the hands of the editor,his staff and all the gutter press for putting this bilge into the public domain.
    Like many have said, if it wasn't for us being there and (maybe)over-reacting ,then there would of been fatalaties.The Iraqi police service would of opened fire without a care.
    Said it before and doubtless i'll say it again, All journo's are scum ,who only care for their pay-check,and have the moral backbone of a jellyfish.
  4. that newspaper makes me so angry
    the words i want to say to them are not the words a lady would use
    to think what they have caused made me cry about what as happened today
    no one should buy there ........
  5. Start a Forces Boycott. I am sure there are competitor newspapers that would gleefully carry the story.

  6. One hour will do, the spineless *

    Can't boycott them; never bothered with them and never will.

  7. Dont mean to be pedantic but the quote is Out Out Damn spot and I think its from Macbeth.

    Notw should be held accountable for the two guys killed
  8. Any ideas? Are there any papers that are genuinely 'forces friendly'? Maybe drop a line to the BBC and a few others too.
  9. To the NOTW

    The blood of the dead servicemen is on your hands. I hope you're happy with your efforts. Well maybe you'll sell a few more papers now, I hope it was worth it. Rebbekah Wade should be hung for treason.
  10. I place the blame firmly on the NOTW. Cheers guys, I hope you sleep well tonight, and if I ever find myself with one of your journo's embedded, STANDBY!
  11. Not your normal newspaper but the The Economist which holds a lot of sway with policy makers etc... is very forces friendly.
  12. Am tempted to write a short letter to the Editor of the NOTW telling him my feelings on the matter
  13. Why not? I'm sure you won't be the only one and the more the merrier. I just don't hold up the chances of a) them reading them, and b) them giving a damn what people think :?
  14. Add a comment here. Single issue websites get a lot of attention these days. Spread the word.
  15. Ban it from the ante-room of Messes (assuming some actually order the wretched publication) and organise a petition to the NAAFI or Spar manager to stop selling it in the shop.