News of the World with yet another exclusive - PSC

News of the World quoting ex RA PSC caught up in deadly incident in Southern Iraq.

Bullets flew as I snatched the guard's gun and shot him dead

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IT’S the most DANGEROUS country on earth—and a GOLDMINE for British war heroes embarking on a second career.

LURED by huge rewards of up to £1,000 a day, 21,000 ex-soldiers have risked their lives to help rebuild Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

TODAY we tell the incredible, dramatic and harrowing story of the BRUTAL KIDNAP of five of these men—which resulted in one being recommended for a posthumous GEORGE CROSS and another hero surviving against all the odds.

IT WAS the terrifying moment ex-soldier Rick Curzon had always feared.

He was in IRAQ, KIDNAPPED and in the back of a speeding rebel truck, staring down the barrel of a GUN.

And the man holding it had just made a DEADLY SIGN guaranteed to send a chill down the spines of the security guard and his four fellow captives.

“The gunman ran his finger across his throat in a slicing motion,” says ex-Royal Artillery soldier Rick. “It was clear we were going to be beheaded.

“At that moment we knew we were one step from being put in an orange jumpsuit. And so adrenaline took hold.”

What happened in the next few bullet-riddled, blood-curdling minutes— and the hours of terror that followed —was the stuff of action movies and is told here today in gripping detail for the first time.

Hope that all involved are able to rebuild their lives. Sounds like Securiforce International didn't come out of this too well.

The couple received a further blow when Rick’s employers, Securiforce International half owned by a Kuwaiti company, REFUSED a payout.

Lawyers for Rick and Claire tried to sue claiming, among other things, that the company did not provide them with sufficient weapons to look after themselves. But any legal action would have been too risky and costly.

“It was a devastating blow and we will never forgive the company,” says Claire. “Rick will never be able to work again.”

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