News of the World Exposes Buckingham Palace Security...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Archimedes, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. Just might give the NOFW some credit if they splashed that on their front page or anywhere in their paper(s).

    Yeh I know, don't hold my breath.... :roll:
  2. Hang the witch that was caught - put it under the treason heading!!! Hopefully that will send the right message!
  3. good glad they caught the fecking pumper
  4. Can we find a brief smart enough to sue the News of the Screws as well. Either that or let the editor go three rounds in a ring with Cookie.
  5. Ah Cookie, not one to suffer fools gladly!!! Let the pitbull at them!
  6. Worra shame! Got caught!

  7. Will it get to court??? .... hope so, should be a Open 'n' Shut type case as the Jorno filled the form in etce.... Pretty much bang to rights and hopefully headed off to do an 'insiders' piece on Holloway and gain a Crim Record on the way... teach the Jorno and hopefully slow down the next one :lol:

    The tricky bit will be getting a conviction on the News of The World for setting the whole thing up in the first place..... Hope they go after the Jorno's Supervisor and the Editor who must have complicant in the offence.

    Hey.... new residents for the tower??? I hear the gate from the Thames still works ....... 8O
  8. Like a Diplomatic premises, shoot the parasite there and then and claim immunity!!!!!
  9. Good idea snapper - NOTW exclusive - how the old lags treated a journo in clink.
  10. Now that's funny. Journo scum caught bang to rights; y'see? There is a God!
  11. Does this mean they're only targetting journos and no longer looking for people with unfeasibly large rucksacks?
  12. I wonder how embarrassed the NOTW would be if their own organisation was infiltrated - by members of a popular website, perhaps...
  13. .. or by a Sven lookalike
  14. Would be interesting to see a tabloid infiltrated by a member of the public. An undercover Joe to report on the true goings on. Perhaps there could be widespread following of said journos as they try to go about their "private" lives. The publishing of ad hoc, totally out of context pictures of journos on the net to prove absolutely feck all, but just worth embarassing them.

    Yes, treat them as they treat us. See how they like it. Childish I know, but could be grweat fun :) :) :) :)