News of the Screws Poll - Bliar Out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. I don't normally read(?) the Paedos' Weekly, however this poll was interesting.

  2. he wont go willingly ... it will be Mrs T's fall from power all over again. And then Tony can spend more time with his mortgage!
  3. I agree,but what worries me is if he remains determined to leave his mark in history by doing something extremely foolish involving us,the yanks and another persian state that neighbours the one we are already in!
  4. He'll go when Rupert tells him to go. When he stayed with George on foreign trips, he wasn't allowed to sit on the furniture, so at least he'll be off the leash in that respect.
  5. Ah such a credible news source......
  6. It was an ICM poll and, as such, credible.
  7. Yeah and the sleaze started in the new administration at the same time.... B'liar started to live up to his name straight away, what was it he said? Something like this government is going to be sleaze free and whiter than white? .... It certainly doesn’t look like it does it?

    At least the Tory Sleaze mainly involved a bit of playing away and the odd porky... but they didn’t bankrupt the country while doing it, unlike this lot are trying too. In fact Labour (there aint no New Labour, never was, just the same old bunch, new name on the door) only managed to claim fiscal competency as long as they did because of the legacy and money in the bank left by the last competent government. B’liar and his Labour Government lot are just plain corrupt through and through judging by their track record.....

    Its pretty obvious B’liar and the Party Leadership must condone the whole sordid affair.... or else why did the culprits get to resign and then return to cabinet after being exposed? On more than one occasion or even worse just keep their jobs, with no resignations..... I wonder just what they have on them.

    So we end up with a corrupt bunch of incompetent, spend spend spend Politicians in power, Oh great!

    As for B’liar going? Personally I hope not .... I really would like to see him in the driving seat as it all comes off the rails along with Brown in his, I don’t think we have seen anything yet in respect to sleaze and greasy palms, it just depends how far the latest Police investigation is allowed to dig before the brakes go on.

    I just wish the Conservatives had come out fighting back in 1997 and started to expose things back then, even now they are not going for the juggler like B'liar and New Labour did before 1997, actions by him which IMHO were the one of the main reasons he ever got in.
  8. Poll's interesting, but of limited use without a breakdown of the political sympathies of the supporters. All the people (or at least the vast majority) saying Blair should go now could be Tory and Lib Dem, and equally if they're Labour, but are still planning on voting Labour regardless, then it makes not a blind bit of difference. When Blair starts costing Labour votes he'll go, and not that many people are convinced that he is.