News number 1 in Telegraph today: Georgian immigrants.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. Deport all of them immediately

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  2. Deport most of them with some exceptions

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  3. Deport only criminals or after court rulling

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  4. Fine them and allow to stay

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  5. Invite anybody to the UK and grant sitizenship

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    A liitle note. All deported immigrants are illegal: have expired visas or haven't it at all, have faked documents, recieved visa using faked invitations and so on.
  2. Immigration whether legal or illegal will be a fact of life for a long time to come so long as there are economic inequalities between countries and regions.Deportation is only a short term solution to a long term problem.
  3. Those who would try second time could be jailed.

    ...also casino's 'Crystall' and 'Golden Palace' have been closed. They were controlled by Georgian criminals.
  4. Mmmm, is it only me that sees the "UK Immigration Fast Track" ad at the bottom of this thread?

    Looks like the advertising bods have an ironic sense of humour!

    Edited to say: There was one there, honest!
  5. Always interesting to see one set of criminals pointing a finger at other criminals in order to minimize competion.
  6. daz

    daz LE

    it's you, i got
    Guess your right about the advertising bods :D :D
  7. Whatever you say mate. :)
  8. Sergey
    Quit the propaganda making. Your post is at best a one-sided account. It may be what the Kremlin is saying but it doesnt tie up with the reports from Moscow from independent western journalists.

    This is the bit from the Telegraph you dont mention: "Some 150 immigrants were rounded up and deported by Russian police yesterday. Officers demanded that schools draw up lists of children with Georgian surnames, prompting fears that the expulsions could be widened. Several hundred thousand Georgians are believed to live in Russia."

    No doubt you're be telling us next that Georgians are animals anyway so it's only right they should be rounded up to keep the streets clean.

    More from the Telegraph: "Swept to power in the Rose Revolution of 2003, Mr Saakashvili has succeeded in riling Russia like no other leader of a former Soviet country. Russian television documentaries seek to portray him as insane. One Kremlin consultant even called for his assassination.

    "The Georgian president is unabashedly pro-western, and that may be at the root of the problem. He has introduced market reforms, tried to reduce the Kremlin's hold on the country where Stalin was born and — to widespread Russian disgust — is seeking membership of Nato."

    Ah. Now I see the problem!
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Personally, I like lavash and khachapuri...

  10. It seems to me mr.Smith that namely The Daily Telegraph is in propaganda campaign. I agree that deportation of illegan immigrants from anther country could be very important to write about it. But to place it as a news #1 and to 'keep silence' about some details, it is not information but propaganda.

    Note that Telegraph has 'forgotten' to mention that 'all' deported are namely illegal immigrants. Can it be regarded as a comrehensive coverage? The restaurants were closed on lawfull grounds. The owners have right to complain (including European Court for Human rights).

    As for closed casino's then again Telagraph has 'forgotten' about this detail.

    I'm not a big fan of mr.Putin. From my point of view actions of Russian authorities are rather emotional than wise. Mainly ordinary (absolutely innocent) Georgians are being affected. And it is not right.

    And what is your point? Would you like to say the British authorities never deport illegal immigrants?

    Any child (not only Russian citizen) has right for education in Russia. Though any school collect data about parents, a place where children live. These data are not secret or confidential. So the police has right to investigate these data. So from formal point of view the law was not violated. Though I agree, it is not the right method to find illegal immigrants. Usage of children... it is not right anyway.

    No, Georians are very nice people. They are Orthodox Christians, very hospitable. My daughter has a girl-friend Georgian. She is a modest and serious, plain-speaking girl (for example she said that her parents were on the side of terrorists in Beslan). She is 2d year student of Moscow medical academy. A year ago her family (her mother is a doctor) received (without payment) a new flat in Moscow that now costs about $300,000.

    And I agree with it.

    Who namely?

    What USA had done in similar case with Cuba? It was a full economic blockade. So USA has right to do something but Russia hasn't this right. But why?

    If Georgia wants to be a member of NATO, devoted poodle of USA then it should wait for sweet bones from Washington, not from Moscow.
  11. Now Sergey been doing his duty, but his fellow cuntrymen have been slipping in Production of Neu Rooshins.
    Therefore QED so mucking simple,
    all the east europeans so be exported ta the Motherland and join their old comrades.
    Nay problem.
  12. The Google ads apparently read what the page is about and what a lot of people are mentioning and then put up the advertising links that match the subject. Hence threads with immigrants, illegal, visas and the like in the title and body throw up links to Immigration Fast Track, I'm getting at the bottom of the page, or Australian Travel Visa. It's a very cool piece of code.