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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wil5924, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. Did anybody watch news night.i think we are all going to be in for a shock.they are saying that we might not have any armed forces in years to come.the country is in massive debt because of recession and there are no jobs. One minute good news then doom and gloom. :x
  2. Yeah, and that's got loads to do with joining up (regular) :roll:
  3. Wil you need your own theme music...

    Who else but wil5924!! Another classic.

    I thought you got a peek of, the list?
  4. of course it has.people who want to join up might realise they are wasting there time.all of fecking england trying to join
  5. Swings and roundabouts. Sometimes people are beating down the recruiting office doors (during recessions, for example), sometimes the army has to take any mong it can find. If you seriously think that we're going to do a Costa Rica and have 'no armed forces', you're a bit of an idiot.
  6. They just put General Sir Richard Dannatt in his box and said the Army, Navy and RAF should be combined - but that large noble old tradtion-bound organisations hate to move with the times.
  7. Telling my old man about the application process and the massive amount of people wanting in and the waiting apparently it was the same in the 80's

    He went for regular but they told him they weren't recruiting so he went in the TA instead, so the story goes. Think they were asking people if they would leave as well when my uncle left after 15years in the infantry, he got a bit of money as well... so i've been told.

    This has nothing to do with anything.
  8. i'm only reporting what jeremy paxman said and bob. I think they know more about it than you so wind your neck in you bitch :x
  9. Who else but wil!!
  10. No you're not, you're putting your own spin on what they said. And considering that I joined up in the mid-90s, shortly after the army had been virtually cut in half with the end of the cold war and thousands of blokes had been made redundant, I think I know a slight bit more about how these things are sensationalised than a bloke who hasn't even joined up yet :roll:
  11. i never had
    A peek at the list. Unfolded told me his recruiter gave it him today.but after watching news night i am starting to worry that he is telling me lies. I will call my recruiter tomorrow and update you all
  12. if you knew more than jeremy you would be on news night you mong.are you sure you are wired up right mate because you think you know everything but you know feck all.
  13. Ok - you're right. Britain won't have any armed forces in the near future so there's no point joining up. That's exactly what Paxman and Ainsworth said and I defer to your far superior intellect.

    Just out of interest, in light of the fact that we will have no armed forces in the near future, what is your view of the ongoing development of our ECM capability, the construction of the QE-class and the defence green paper outlining the weight Britain could commit to future concurrent ops?
  14. what do you mean mate
  15. Now then wedge stop baiting the sprogs, theres a nice man.