News-Night tonight 23/2/2010

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 12volts, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. There is a special News-Night tonight. I wont waste words, here in the Paxman precis of what is to be broadcast.

    Tuesday 23 February 2010 - 2230 GMT - BBC Two
    Presented by Jeremy Paxman

    A Fighting Future?

    Tonight we have a special programme debating the main issues facing the future of British defence and security.

    We will be asking crucial defence questions - can the war in Afghanistan be won, and when will British troops there return home?

    We will take a look at the strategic defence review Green Paper, and consider what resources will be needed to combat future security threats.

    Joining Jeremy Paxman will be Secretary of State for Defence, Bob Ainsworth, Shadow Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, and Liberal Democrat defence spokesperson Nick Harvey.

    A studio audience will also be taking part in the discussion, comprised of key defence experts and opinion formers, and British soldiers including General Sir Richard Dannatt.

    Relatives who have lost loved ones in Afghanistan will also be joining us.
  2. Troops will not return for a long time to come yet OR until respective Governments 'admit' they can no longer afford the 'fiscal' aspect of the conflict

    The SDR will contain delayed defence programme & specific service cuts in certain area's, who ever is in office next has to make decisions that will affect all,

    Lets hope Gen Dannat has an improved performance from his past QT appearance, ( general POV not a slagging comment of Sir Richard) before anyone starts :roll: