News! More medals for (nearly) everone!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mr_Snakey, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Having studied several Arrse forums Dr Fox has decided that what really gets soldiers hot is the chance to wear a shiny new medal.

    July 11 Reserve review Page 28 article 59 reads:

    With both the TA and RAuxAF suffering serious shortfalls in Reservist numbers, the Commission recommends that consideration is given to the re-establishment of the various Reserve decorations. The visibility that such decorations give to the particular commitment of the Reservist is significant.

    It ain't about the ba-bling...

    Is it???
  2. Make your bloody minds up FFS! On the truck, off the truck...greatcoats on, greatcoats off.
  3. VRSM scrapped for an all ranks post nominal volunteer decoration?

    Civplod VD.
  4. You can't make it up, scrap the VRSM and go back to the individual medals for each Reserve service. Great way to save money!
  5. But what about an NDM?
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  6. msr

    msr LE

    Think of it coming from the retention budget.
  7. Na, one medal, one ribbon, a return to the Volunteer Decoration, with the nasty V.D post nominals for all ranks this time. My prediction.

    And the NDM mob will have another anurism, just as they are getting over getting "done out" the QDJM.
  8. Or reinstate the Volunteer Force Long Service Medal it is a properly nice looking medal
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Of course....

    The wife will be totally swayed into believing that all of the time away from her and the kids is more than offset by another bit of tat, and my employer will be so pleased that the absence from work resulting in a loss of revenue, and potential future absences, are being offset by same said bit of tat.

    Totally misses the point of what is needed to recruit and retain, and is just a worthless sop to those who have been around long enough to qualify for one who would otherwise be making even more noise about the changes than they are already.

    Imagine the shit chat at mess functions from those with the "conscientious objectors" rack -

    Fit chick: "oh wow, look at all those medals! You must be so brave! What are they for?"

    Old duffer: "Well this one is because the Queen celebrated her Golden Jubilee, this one is because she Celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, this oval monstrosity with the Gay Pride ribbon is because I have been in the TA for a long time, and the last one is because, ermmmm, I have been in the TA a long time".

    Fit chick: " you haven't actually been anywhere or done anything, but you have 4 medals? Byeeeee"
  10. just to pull you back from the realms of fantasy but what would a fit chick be doing at a TA sgt's mess function?
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  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Fair point, but she may have been dragged along by a Subbie (if any exist) to an Officers' Mess one - plenty of old duffer officers around as well!

    But for accuracy, replace "Fit Chick" with "old boy on Remembrance day" if you prefer.
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  12. Bravo_Bravo has that, with bars.
  13. By HM the Jelly Beans Diamond Jube I will have 5 and havent left the mess!! But eberyone I know would rather swap their tacky cheap VRSM for a bar for their TD any day.
  14. i'm there. the only other unbelievable bit is that if it really was a fit chick he'd have gone;

    "Well this one is for being the bloke on the balcony at the Nakatomi Plaza, this one was for saving a young girl and a beleaguered space marine, this oval monstrosity with the Gay Pride ribbon is because I destroyed the one ring in the fires of mount doom, and the last one is because, ermmmm, me and Danny Glover smashed an evil Triad and i defeated Jet Li in single combat"
  15. That alone makes it worth doing.
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