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I'm holding off for a couple of weeks after the advice that monthly is the best newsletter rate.
I put fingers to keyboard and realised that I can't produce a great deal for the monthly newsletter even though there is a great deal going on (much of it bad this last month unfortunately - I long for the day when we have an ARRSE newsletters without an RIP / stay safe message).

I could just pump out the machine generated 'most popular of the week' plus a wiki extract, top-tip etc, but it would get tedious, so I come back to the idea of a newsletter team, as proposed by somebody / some people two months ago.

If you use ARRSE a lot, read more than just the NAAFI Bar and would enjoy a bit of amateur journalism then this could be for you. What are the most interesting threads? Best posts you've seen? etc. This can't be done in open forum, and I don't get involved enough to do it. The mods are busy enough without this.

There is space for comment, although this may not be a path we want to take. If we do decide on serious articles then we definitely need a religious correspondent this month. And a militant 'straight rights' campaigner of course.

The offer: you get the glory, I do the truly horrible work of editing then squeezing your fine words into an email template. We'll have a hidden forum and thrash out the exact way we go about it in there.

I think we need about 5 people. Volunteers?



Book Reviewer
Happy to help if needed. Fairly wide spread of the site read, occasional humorous asides provided and fantistac speelung.
Sixty said:
Happy to help if needed. Fairly wide spread of the site read, occasional humorous asides provided and fantistac speelung.
If u ned heylp wiv the England speeling, I mayze b abble 2 azzist.

Yours eye,

Dayle T Speeling Nassi xxx
Thanks but no thanks TS. I spent some of my morning deleting your recent contributions to Current Affairs threads so I'm not going to invite more of the same for the newsletter.


I'll chip in, if you'll have me. It will justify to the wife the amount of time I spend on here!
Accepted - many thanks. You and Sixty should now see a newsletter forum below this.
Thanks Jarrod and welcome to the club. You should now see a forum under the ARRSE Stuff one.
Thanks very much and I will come back to you both. I'd like to chat to sixty, jarrod and fugly about how we're going to split it up and how many we need.

I'll call a halt to this temporarily until that set-up is done. probably tomorrow.
Yes to Prince Albert, no to rampant. Sorry Rampant - not known enough yet by the others!
Well, all your efforts were worthwhile so far as I can see. Great newsletter, and a welcome addition to my Inbox this morning.

Thank you, folks.


Book Reviewer
Thanks G_R :D

It was quite a tight timescale this month so it was a bit rushed but September's should be a bit more relaxed.

Incidentally, if anyone has any feedback, positive or negative , feature ideas etc could they either stick it in here or PM one of the newsletter team? It'd be appreciated.



Just noticed this, if you need a decrepit old sod to add to your team I can assist a bit.
I'd REALLY like to see a small sitrep from Help Them Out/H4H. I know the Grownups are busy, but I think the sitreps (suitably depersonalised) would help keep funds rolling in.

Something like x families sent on hols, y repossessions prevented, z people helped with accommodation, type of thing would be lovely.

And maybe a 'total funds raised from auctions and raffles' and a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed, noting how all the little numbers add up to a major help for those who need it.

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