News just in - Israel and Lebanese troops exchange fire across their borders.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TamH70, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Only on BBC News Channel at the moment so no linkys. No coverage yet either on the Sky News website.
    More than likely more to follow later as things develop.

  2. They have these spats regularly. Must be another vote in the Knesset that needs some external willy waving.
  3. According to a Lebanese guy on another forum, the IDF entered a Lebanese village to cut some trees down and place surveillance cameras, the Lebanese Army and UNIFIL tried to stop them and it's kicked off from there.

    Apparently that's what's being reported in the local media there, anyway.
  4. Of course it has to be fault of the zionist opressors correct?
  5. I've got no sympathy for either side - they're both as bad as each other.

  6. I know, the IDF certainly doesn't have a reputation for being twats who do whatever they want...

    I don't know how it started, I'm just saying what a local on another site said their media is reporting.
  7. At the risk of sounding callous - it's not really our problem. If the Red Sea Pedestrians and Insert Name of Arab/Muslim Country Here decide to knock seven shades of Blair out of one another, it's going to have very little effect on the real world.

    I'll start to worry if it looks like Isreal and Iran have got tired of the foreplay and are about to chuck Instant Sunshine at each other. Until then may the best side win...
  8. Of course not. It would be anti semitic to suggest Israel was anything other than a poor sweet innocent victim
  9. Having now seen photos of the incident, the local media appears to have been slightly out. The IDF were using a cherry picker to get across the border fence to cut back trees on the Lebanese side and it's kicked off from there.
  10. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Israel Defense Forces did not cross the border with Lebanon before the deadly clash between Israeli and Lebanese forces, a UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) official told Army Radio on Wednesday, adding that the UN force had been dealing with complaints of Lebanese provocations on a daily basis.


    Milos Strugar, UNIFIL’s senior political adviser said that the IDF had “informed UNIFIL that it was going to conduct maintenance works” on the border, adding that while the Israeli unit had been “on the northern side of the border fence,” it was nonetheless “south of the international borderline.”


    “The situation became tense right away, with the Lebanon army also being there,” Strugar said, adding that UNIFIL forces had tried “to calm the situation and allow the IDF to work.”

    Asserting the IDF’s claim that it had informed the Lebanese side of the planned border works, Strugar said that UNIFIL had received a message from the IDF “regarding these works, and we had passed that on to the Lebanese army.”

    “We deal with complaints on provocations of Lebanese soldiers against IDF units on a daily basis,” Strugar told Army Radio, adding incidents occur “almost every day, there’s a lot of tension round the border, but what happened is the worst incident since 2006.”

  11. Much the same as we'd have expected the East Germans to kick off if we'd done something similar on the IGB.

    'It's OK Rudolf, we're just cutting down one of your trees that stops us watching you'
  12. mattyw

    mattyw Old-Salt Reviewer

    The IDF went over there fence but did not go over the 'blue line'