News just in. Airbone Ash in Kent

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by joe-of-the-volcano, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. "If seen wearing Para regalia please contact the Police and inform them" ??? Why??? What's the point of that? The plod would propbably say "so?"
  2. I think it was if he is seen collecting money again wearing the kit. like he was before he was found out.
  3. Was the money he was collecting all going to a good cause, or was he stealing it?

    If not, then I don't care what he wears whilst collecting for charity.

    Do you go to the London marathon and shout "Lion Walt" to all the people dressed as lions to raise money for charity?

    Get over yourselves.
  4. Hang on smudge. Are you telling me they were not really lions?
  5. Sorry to let you down buddy, but on a positive note the 169 Batmans were all real :)
  6. Oh, a mate of Ash :? or did you put up his tats. and yes I would shaut at them tigers :D
  7. Very interesting, I am local to this man and I was also in 10 para for a while. How do these people think they can get away with it? Especially when they get involved with genuine veterans. He must have met with again genuine vet's who were on his stated battalions at the time he said he was?
    Did he serve in any unit?
  8. Nope, never met this "Ash" fella before, at the end of the day he's a sad cnut, a proper walt, but it does'nt bother me in the slightest. He's collected for charity on his own time which is more than most would be arrsed to do.

    I don't see why calling the plod would be required either?

    You'd go to the Marathon and "shaut" at people dressed as lions? You need help.
  9. It's a long long story mate which was played out elsewhere, all done and dusted now.
  10. But did they all wear a poppy?
  11. Na. No one remembered him he just worked his way in at reunions and made friends. When asked he said ex 10 para, but others were told by him ex 2 and 1. Not everyone went to the same get-together's so could not cress reference. He came across as a very nice chap and took a fair few of us in at the time, but then the shirt came off and his Peggy was wrong way round. I think the photo at the bottom was the capture shot by the looks of some there.
    What I will say is that he was one of the first to come down hard on the likes of Manhood. Calling him all the names under the sun.He was like that with other walts and was always the most vocal against them when I met him at southsea once

    Turns out he only spent a few days at 10 para but never passed a thing and was kicked out for non attendance.
  12. if this guy wants to walk around in nothing but a borat thong whilst saying such well known catch phrases as 'yerk shmesh' and 'very nice, how much?' then let him if hes collecting for charity.

    more than ive ever done for charity thats for sure!!
  13. Who said he collected for charity? I never did and I never put the link together, get overself fella.
    Just because you never get REME walt. never mind :lol:
  14. I'm guessing walt outing website you linked to is yours?