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David Cameron is to "promise" the UK will reduce the level of immigration to "1980s' levels" as a result of government measures. BBC News - Cameron promises to cut immigration to '1980s' levels'

"No ifs. No buts. That's a promise we made to the British people. And it's a promise we are keeping."

He will also promise to tackle "bogus colleges, providing bogus qualifications as cover for bogus visas". By no means the single issue. Readers of the News might put forward illegal immigration, people trafficking, and some 75000 missing asylum seekers. To be fair, on the other hand there may be benefits to controlled , rational immigration policies.

England is already, with Holland, the most crowded country in Europe.

Counter arguments include polls that claim British Business couldn't compete without skillled migrants and entrepreneurs, and investors.
Just talk, nothing will happen and when I come back through Dover next month, the cues of eager foreign types waiting to disembark off the ferry will be as long as ever and the customs checks at Dover will be as minimal as ever.
Heard it all before. Saying and doing are different. Recent news reports suggest that Bangladeshi chefs will be treated at special cases for immigration. I thought that we had plenty of people here capable of opening Pataks catering curry sauce.
Just talk, nothing will happen and when I come back through Dover next month, the cues of eager foreign types waiting to disembark off the ferry will be as long as ever and the customs checks at Dover will be as minimal as ever.
Entirely true,and the next Yuman Rites case to go through will blast this entirely self-serving piece of empty rhetoric right out of the water.Result?More foreigners turning up with their paws outstretched.In the meantime all the easy targets will have their funding cut or withdrawn altogether.Reminds me of several posts I made some time ago about what I call the sacred Cowards' Mantra,which has decided both foreign and domestic policies since the War.To recap,it goes something like this:

Toghten the screw on those you can control(but only the easy ones,mind),OR run away from/suck up to those you either can't or won't.

There cannot be many items of foreign and hardly any of domestic policies respectively which stray significantly from the above sacred guiding 'principle'(if that's the right word).In short,we are and long have been ruled by self-serving cowards.That's what PC REALLY stands for-political cowardice.Thoughts please...
Be nice if they finally followed through with their comments. And how about kicking the bastards out who shouldn't be here, then you can shut the door.
Not good enough. There were hundreds coming in during the 80's. It would be better to stop it altogether. As has been said, it is very doubtful anything will happen given that Cameron seems to be going the way of Blair.
Funny and pointless really, every time a new measure to reduce or control immigration it increases, has been going up since the introduction of passports.

P.s. these figures only apply for NON-EU countries.
This promise is from the same mould as the one he made about a European referendum. He'll change his mind in a few days time. He's just as much a two-faced liar as Blair.


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Just hot air. Stand by for more flatulent gusts as the May elections approach.
But.... it will fool a lot of the electorate come May ............. Answer is to vote for a party that will get rid of EHCR / PC / European membership shite>


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The BNP’s Simon Darby talking to the Today programme this morning about Camerons speech: “…if we had copyright on our manifesto we’d have our lawyers round his office within hours.”


Some half-wit of a Liberal was on BBC Radio 4 a few minutes claiming that the BNP were "in retreat". It`s a strange sort of retreat when they have managed to get the Prime Minister to act as their spokesman.
Yet again we are given the spectacle of the calamitous clown Cable attacking the prime minister. Can nobody rid the coalition of this recalcitrant twerp Cable?

Until we unshackle ourselves from the European Soviet Union and its concomitant institutions, then we shall be flooded with all the riff-raff of Europe and elsewhere, seeking to leech on our seemingly bottomless pit of 'benefits'.
If our country keeps heading south the way it is, it won't be long before they all **** off of their own accord (and we follow them).
Since the restrictions will only affect visa-requiring nationals, I thought to look up the visa figures by category.

Control of Immigration: Quarterly Statistical Main Tables - Q4 2010 (October to December 2010) Table 1.1.

Visitor visas by far the largest category and most open to abuse, but which categories is he talking about specifically targeting? Tiers 1&2 and Tier 4. Well done, chaps.
Oooh you and your pesky facts. That and the fact that Vince Cable was quite rightly questioning the Prime Ministers statement that he intended to reduce immigration to Tens of thousands (whilst using the wrong figures). Given that this "Policy Statement" is not in the coalition agreement, and that the Tens of thousands figure is a solely Tory target. So call me a bluff old traditionalist, but if it isn't in the agreement then a Coalition partner has every right to question the statement. And if anyone thinks that Cable isn't doing this at the behest of the Deputy PM is naiive IMO.


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No cuts, nothing to see here, all smoke and mirrors. Non EU migrant block? Not if T2T (inter - company transfer/established staff) visa's can get issued instead! Different criteria, still fill the jobs, makes it appear that they are overseas employees whilst simultaneously allowing the government to keeping whoring to big business whilst keeping poor Doris who reads the Daily Mail from thinking the country is overrun with 'foreigners'.

Won't stop truckloads of asylum seekers, their families, and all their friends from hom pitching up every day, or make them any easier to get rid of, though. That requires growing a set and repealing EU HR legislation. Which would only happen if the shit really hit the fan here.
As with most other posters,this looks like political spin by Cameron.I'll get bored,waiting for any real activity!
Tis all very disappointing after waiting so long to get rid of Blair and Brown. The King is dead, long live the King. We'll get rid of immigrants but with absolutely no real plan or means to do so.
Would be far better off investing in programmes to encourage integration for immigrants settling here at least until they can come up with a coherent policy to actually cut numbers working in conjunction with the EU, which like it or not, we'll have to work with as I can't see UKIP or any other strongly anti-EU party getting elected in the near future.

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