NEWS! Ill engrave your name and regimental logo for a QUID!

NEWS! I'll engrave your name and regimental logo for a QUID! Short term promotion from Simple as this: I've now got the ARRSE potatohead logo in my computer-controlled-engraving library (for you serious arrsers) plus a load of other Regiments, Services, wings etc. I sell my bullets in a metal presentation tin, which is ideal for engraving. I have decided to offer to engrave your name and logo on these tins as a promotion for only £1. If I've already got the logo you want, just stuff it in the online basket. If not send me a decent black and white bitmap (use contact web-page 30Kb max) and I'll try to add it (only regiments, badges and trades).

(Meanwhile - I'm still trying to find the smallest thing I can engrave in my machine - any ideas)

See the keyring/logobox part of my site Click here for I'll keep this promotion going, as long as I have time. The better (clearer) the bitmap - the more chance I'll add it quickly.

I hope it's something for you,- C
So how will you be sending to any BFPO addresses? as the Post Office has this to say

Total prohibitions - UK , import, export and transit
Arms and their component parts classified as munitions of war, ammunition of any kind and firearms prohibited under the Firearms Acts 1968-1997 may not be sent, received or transit by any Parcelforce Worldwide service.
Any other item prohibited by law or that in the opinion of Royal Mail may be harmful or dangerous to Royal Mail employees
Not too sure but what are bullets then?
I think you'll find that inert ammo is exempt. After all there is no propellent with these bullets (I hope!) so they are now just classed as novelty jewellry. :)

As an added thought - Do you engrave HESH and HEAT rounds? :twisted:
PickledPioneer said:
Ha I like the cannabis logo - but why that corps???
Coz to be honest - if someone's gonna get in the papers, it's gonna be them... it's a Corps tradition or at least it used to be. I mean, look at their real badge (anyone got a good one of Mercury?), it's dodgy isn't it? BUUUT If I haven't got this right, which Regiment should have the cannabis logo?

And... Sorry old_bloke but I think you must be going postal... I'm seriously worried that you can quote postal regs. I'm not in UK so I don't normally have to deal with Royal Mail - I mainly deal with European post and freight under "lov om ekspolivstof og våben No5" which quite clearly states that a bullet is just a lump of metal, on top of this I drill them and engrave them and turn them into Jewellery (Isaiah 2:4 - name that passage)... and I could actually issue an FFE certificate for them if pushed. I know that the UK takes the law on weapons to extremes, but isn't it true that the firearms act refers only to things that fire or could be used to fire bullets missiles etc... but not the bullets themselves? But the bottom line is - they're reclassified as jewellery, having been destabilised by drilling and weakened by engraving.

Regards,- C
I reckon your being too hard on the sigs... haven't they got it tough enough already! I think th cannabis should go to the ones with oportunity and money - Horseguards.
Brilliant - Royal Regiment of Scotland was on my list - now at the top - great graphics - thanks ytomk - Check tomorrow

londonirish said:
(Meanwhile - I'm still trying to find the smallest thing I can engrave in my machine - any ideas)
your willy? :D
But as for you londonirish - How about your IQ!! :D I could do your grey matter if it wasn't so sludgy!! Besides, didn't you know that I don't wear underpants, because the design hasn't been made yet that'll take the job on! (to quote The lord flash)

(was that too much? - I guess I should have seen that one coming - fanaah fanaah)

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