News from the Rear

Tch! I just couldn't decide what to have to eat last night.  Should it be PizzaHut or McDonalds?

And the TV was really crap...don't know why I bother.

Gonna have to get DHE to replace the matress too....eight hours kip and my back's killing me!

To top it all off, the shower was playing up and I was forced to have a bath...

Tch!...what a nightmare..... ;D


I know how you feel Jip matey,

There was a horendous queue at the bar in the pub last night, each time I went up for a round it took over 5 mins, still got plenty of lovely beer down me neck.  Then on to the club for a spot of boogying and some ogling and a bit of snogging, not much snoring when I got home and gave the missus a good seeing to, thend sleep and more of the same today,

god how I hate being stuck back in blighty,
carry on all the brave chaps...