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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kneza_Milosa_29, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Two dead following Kosovo clashes

  2. Kosovo minister quits over deaths

  3. EU in Kosovo must learn from Bosnia mistakes
    12 February 2007 | Source:Reuters


    UK Ambassador in Belgrade:
    "I do not believe in agreement between Serbs and Albanians"

    (After today)
  4. UN police chief in Kosovo quits

  5. Serbia rejects UN plan for Kosovo

  6. What is the purpose of these posts?
  7. I agree with Solzhenitsyn but then again it is always what you can get away with
  8. Dear Mr. PartTimePongo,

    I am putting these messages in current affairs and news and analysis section of website under title News from Kosovo. I am thinking this is news and current affairs.

    I am thinking british soldiers are interested in such informations because of history and maybe future happenings. Albanians and serbs are not likeing Atisahari plan. Maybe there will going to be trouble and british soldiers will going to fly to kosovo again. 3 years ago was flying to kosovo soldiers from berkshire and glostershire and wiltshires when albanians was makeing big troubles.

    I am hoping british soldiers are interested in extra things in stead of propagandas and spins from washington and downing street.

    If you are wanting I will going to stop putting messages.

    Yours sincerely,
    Kneza Milosa 29
  9. I'm sure they are. Just needed an explanation as to why a spate of Kosovoi cut and pastes suddenly appeared.

    It would be nice if you added your own commentary or 'take' , to invite discussion on these stories?

  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks for your input fella. It is indeed a good place to put this.

    Mind you, I have about as much faith in the UN stopping conflict as I have in my grandmother buying me a ferrari for my 30th birthday. She's dead and I'm 35.

    If this gets ugly, I would imagine that many people will die unless NATO steps in again, and yes, that will mean British troops.
  11. Dear Mr. PartTimePongo,

    I am not writing my own commentarys because people will just say it is serbian propagandas. That is why i am putting only informations from bbc and reuters and concerning british peoples like ambassador.

    Last week mr. buffoon was in belgrade telling serbian government what it must do. Today is big demonstrations outside my office by serbian peoples from kosovo.


    Yours sincerely,
    Kneza Milosa 29
  12. Hey, Thanks for the info and updates.

    Don't worry we won't think it is Serbian propaganda, we're used to Labour propaganda from Sven. it would be nice for some Serbian input on the situation though.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Yeah very much agree - we would be interested in your view on the subject. You have a vested interest after all.
  14. Dear Everybodys,

    Tomorrow is starting in wien discussings for final status for kosovo. I am not understanding why they want discussings because already descisions is made.

    I was not giving my opinions for last few days because I was being in the field with my bosses.

    This is my opinions. Most peoples in serbia disagrees with me.

    Problem with deciding future for kosovo is all about historys.

    For serbian peoples it is long historys and short historys. For serbian peoples we was having all our school historys about kosovo, all storys, all poems, all songs was being about kosovo. Kosovo is in heart and body and soul of serbian peoples. Short historys is about croatia and bosnia. Serbian peoples in croatia was told it is not possible to have independant states. Then they was made to leave in 1995 by croats army. Serbian peoples in bosnia was told it is not possible to have independant states and they must be part of muslim state.

    Serbian peoples doesnt understand why albanian peoples can have 2 states. Albania and kosovo next to every other.

    For internationals goverments problem is just short historys. In 1975th year european goverments and usa made helsinki agreement that borders will going to never change. That is why croatia must be croatia and bosnia must be bosnia. Why is now ok for kosovo to be going to taken from serbia? Where is law saying kosovo can be taken away? Where is law saying borders must be kosovo borders? Why is serbian peoples in kosovo not able to be independant from kosovo?

    Problem for internationals goverments are saying now is opposites from before. And is opposites from what are saying about iraq. If kurdish peoples want independance is it ok?

    My opinions is very simple. I doesnt want kosovo. Kosovo will going to be crime center of all europe. This is bad for serbian peoples and it is best if will not be going to serbian problem. EU can have problems if is wanting.

    Internationals goverments must be understanding taking kosovo is not good for peace and securitys in balkans. Internationals goverments must be working with serbian peoples to agrees to give away kosovo. When serbian peoples doesnt want kosovo serbian goverment very happy to say goodbye kosovo.

    Internationals goverments not making kosovo independant because is right decisions. Internationals goverments is making kosovo independant because is quick solutions and is busy with problems in other places.

    That is my opinions.

    Yours sincerely,
    Kneza Milosa 29