News from Khandahar

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RCSignals, Oct 25, 2004.

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  1. What Battalion of the Scottish Regiment are they then?

    Can't see a single Fijian, obviously false.
  2. Argyle and Bolton Wanderers? :wink:
  3. More likely the Gordons or Seaforths.
  4. Looks like a couple of regiments, but I think it's Gordons and 93rd Sutherland Highlanders
  5. Going out on a limb, but definetely the Gordons (1880 - Kandahar in one of our famous battles) and possibly the 75th (Stirlingshire - soon to become the 2nd Bn The Gordons) or possbily the Seaforths (or as they were then the Ross-shire Buffs).

    Will gladly be corrected by a member of the Blue Mafia!
  6. Not stepping forward as member of any particular Mafia, but I believe both the 72nd (The Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders, later Seaforth) and the 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) were at Kandahar.
  7. I think its a print from a Caton Woodville painting

    The painting does indeed depict the 92nd Highlanders (Gordon Highlanders) routing Ayub Khan tribesmen, on 31st August 1880. They had earlier on 26th July beaten the British at the battle of Maiwand and were besieging the remainder of Primrose's division in the citadel of Kandahar.

    Roberts with a force of 10,000 men (Gordon Highlanders, 60th Rifles, 72nd Highlanders, Sixth Gurka and Punjabi Infantry) marched out of Kabul to relieve Kandahar which was 300 miles away. The epic Battle of Kandahar made Roberts one of the great Victorian military heroes.

  8. Thanks Oz, FM Lord Roberts VC, one of my heroes (despite being a gunner :lol: ) I have a copy of his "Forty-One Years In India".
  9. Of course it's an artist rendition, but from the sporrans alone, I think see what looks like a Gordon, and a Sutherland.
    Obviously could be more regiments there, but the 72nd Duke of Albany's Own were not kilted until they were amalagamated with the 78th Rossshire Buff's. (both Seaforth Regiments anyway)