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There is a simple, safe way to test, which is somewhat reliable, and there is a completely reliable way, which is not so simple or safe.
The simple test it to take a small sample from the bottle and in a glass or saucer light it on fire. If the flame is blue, it’s ethanol, if you get a yellow flame, that means there is methanol. Even if you get a blue flame, there might still be trace amounts of methanol, but not enough to harm you (all spirits contain trace amounts of methanol).
The more accurate test requires a solution of sodium dichromate and sulfuric acid. It’s not easy to get sulfuric acid (which is dangerous stuff), and sodium dichromate powder is hazardous and can be carcinogenic. But mix 8 ml of sodium dichromate with 4 ml of sulfuric acid, and then put 10 drops of that in a small sample of the spirits (like in a test tube). DO NOT DRINK THIS. Gently smell the result - if it’s unpleasant or irritating that means methanol. If it’s pleasant and fruity, it’s ethanol.

The goverment should hand out testing kits to village shops etc.......

If a pedlar turns up in the village, quick test......... if it Is methanol, pour his stock over his head and spark up.
You missed out the most important bit - don't forget to rape him first.
To be fair to Gupta, in blackout Britain during WWII, Venus was often mistaken for a returning bomber's landing lights.
I assume that Flight Control would have twigged their mistake when the bomber hadn't landed after six months.
Looks like they're being fucked over by Fani.
Too bad nothing happened. A few casualties from injured might be feared.

Such storms usually cause hundreds if not thousands of deaths in developing world.
The satellite systems and infrastructure for quick mobilization system India installed in past few years made the difference.
The Disasters Emergency Committee can now move on from Yemen and bring out the bowl for India.
India's a donor, emerging as one of largest donors.

It rather donates to smaller countries and such organization.
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