Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CheekieNorthernMonkie, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. Them two from last week just been released without charge.... let the compo claim begin!

    Inteligence lead policing my ARRSE!

    Anyone can make a mistake, and I would rather that the authorities erred on the side of caution. Compensation is, however, totally appropriate if they have been wrongfully arrested, shot, house trashed, names dragged through the mud etc.

    And a sincere apology too.

  3. I wonder if Cressida Dick was the unfortunate involved in this debacle. More money from the public coffers will be winging it's way to these two.

    Int is power. Try it Met 8)

  4. Its starting to be a credibility thing. If these two are innoent, then the Int and Sy elements are incompetant, or have been wah'ed big time.

    Having said that. I'll happily fork out for 99 of these being wrong, if the 100th one stops an outrage.
  5. So what if you assess that there is a 5% chance of a chemical device at an address, do you not go in because you're worried about compensation? Balls - they had no choice.
  6. Lasalle, I totally agree.

    You have to go and check these things out.

    Luckily, no one was killed, the damage can be repaired and doubtless the injured bloke will get a payout, which is fair in this case, if nothing is found to connect him to terrorism.

    I'll just remind all those who were calling for Op KRATOS about this, next time there is a similar incident and their bloodlust for those of other faiths and colours is raised.
  7. Looks like the Int needs to be graded-C3
  8. Totally agree.

    I hear they always wanted their floorboards sanded.

    Once they are put back in place.
  9. To quote what a metropoloitan police spokesman was supposed to have said when questioned on the int source for this fiasco " IT CAME FROM A HUMAN SOURCE"
  10. I suspect the police would get far more sympathy for a difficult decision if it had not been for the lies over WMDs and Iraq, as well as the evasion and spin over the De Menezes shooting and the heavy-handed policing used against anti-Bliar demonstrators (70-odd cops taken off the street to take down a banner in Parliament Square; no cops dispatched to a violent incident in South London that resulted in the fatal stabbing of a schoolboy).

    Trust in the police is comprehensively undermined by a widespread (and understandable) presumption that the State routinely lies, no matter how grave the situation. Add to this the refusal for a public inquiry into the Underground bombings and the shameless exercise of power in suppressing protest and the perception that suppressing protest is more important than protecting life. Finally, confidence in the competence of the apparatus of State has been blown away by the recent Home Office debacles.

    The only way this perception would be lessened is if the 2 Bliars had resigned over the WMD debacle and the misinformation over the De Menezes c0ck-up. However, the retention of perks and power is now more important than duty to one's country and accepting responsibility.

  11. Errr Compensation? Why?

    For starters people are arrested daily 'on suspicion' of various offences in order for them to be investigated, they receive no compenstation so why should these muppets?

    For their names being dragged through the mud? Dont think theyre overly bothered by that, theyre heroes in the Forest Gate muslim community now.

    As for getting shot, well we still dont know what happened. If he was shot by 'mistake' ie an ND, then yes Comp is most definitely justified, but if he was shot as a perceived threat, then the Firearms officer's action was wholly correct.

    So Fcuk em
  12. I suppose it will be called Forest Gate Gate.

    I bet the house still looks better than if Lawrence 'Lou Ellen' Bowen had got his hands on it.
  13. What would your response be if armed police stormed in to your home, threatened your family and did the equivalent makeover on your house? This one was performed like an armed robbery. I imagine you'd whinge for some sort of recompense.

    Your claim that they're muppets only serves to indicate the contrary - i.e. YOU are the muppet. If the only weapons you have access to are an intelligent interpretation of the facts and sharpness of wit, then we can all breathe a sigh of relief, because you're pretty much firing blanks.
  14. What is going to stop it happening to you next time? Oh, you're not brown? Lucky you.

    What's the latest excuse for shooting the guy (and I think we're on the 4th or 5th now)? I couldn't feel the trigger through the glove? I'm sorry, was he carrying an Olympic competition pistol on the raid? Hands up all those who have ever worn NBC gloves who believes a word of that bollox?