News Flash: Bowman Crap!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HVM_Boy, Jan 4, 2005.

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  3. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    You wear it then :wink:

    At least it'll stop 'em sleeping on stag...
  4. Unfortunately, I know far more about it than virtually everyone else in the Armed Forces. Not proud of this, by the way.
  5. So. What are the facts. If you were an Infantryman in combat would you be confident relying on Bowman?
  6. Are you asking for a personal opinion, or a professional one? :D
  7. :D :D
  8. Just an honest one will do.
  9. 1. BOWMAN secure voice is distinctly better than Clansman.

    2. The rest of the BOWMAN project (data, etc) needs a little more work.
  10. Can you spell blackmail Slopes? 8)


  11. Now you've done it.... :twisted:
  12. so anyone recommend a good weatherproof mobile ? :twisted:
  13. Ah, looks like the MOD have once again employed a large group of egg headed boffins to come up with yet another piece of totally crap kit that a week 2 recruit in traing could have told them was sh*t. But that's what happens when you employ boffins with huge brains and no common sense. But the fact that they then spent 2.9 billion on the idear is criminal. FFS could they not have made a mock up and tried it in the field got the feed back then put it right before they started going in to production. MOD making cuts all over the place then spending that on crap!!!! outrageous!!! :evil:
  14. Does anyone know how the Dutch Army is getting on with BOWMAN? They have had it in service in a limited range for at least 2 years!
  15. Total b***ocks from someone with a massive chip on their shoulder regarding their intellect, and a lack of understanding about how things get designed and built.

    You keep banging on about "egg-headed boffins coming up with kit" (at least twice now). Next thing, you'll be claiming that anyone with a brain is automatically disqualified from having "common sense". Sorry, wrong, it doesn't happen that way.

    The kit gets designed by engineers, fairly practical people, to a set of requirements set out by the customer. Customer says "make it this strong", customer gets metal box, not plastic. Customer says "make it this waterproof", customer gets box with expensive seals. Customer says (and here's the killer) "make it last twenty years in service", customer watches price go through roof. Quick, cheap, or good - pick two, you won't get all three.

    "Boffins" (you've probably got a 1950s image of blokes with NHS specs and white labcoats carrying clipboards) are few, far between, and left to do systems engineering for the most part. Billion-pound projects get organised (and screwed up) by besuited lawyer, accountant, and manager types for the most part.

    Case in point - Scottish Parliament. Total screw-up. Down to an interfering customer who "just wanted a little change here and there to the plans", rapidly changing goalposts, your beloved "boffins", or to the poor b**tards who actually had to pull the plans together and execute them?