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Just watched the ITV news, 22minutes of slavering the same old pish about the current economical problems and the a total of 5 seconds (1 sentence) about the Marine sadly killed in A/stan.

No wonder the folks back home don't know what f**k is going on with soldiers in the hot spots.

Its a f*****g disgrace.
Its the same with all media coverage of the military, for example, the festival of remembrance has become a lot shorter over the years. But to be honest, a lot of people (ones that I know anyway) are too wrapped in their own lives and too ignorant to give a damn about the war anyway - it sad, but its a fact nowadays.
It seems to be that pop stars being caught sucking off a rent boy or some other meaningless shit is more important than what men and women are dealing with on a daily basis.

The bit that makes me spew is that it is MPs who sent them there in the first place.
The media in this country is massivley responsible for how this country is run and it's attitudes. The mainstream news agencies and channels will either only report what they want to tell you or heavily influence what they tell you. It's a bit like major record companies owning radio stations (which is all too common now), they will only air the songs that they want to sell.
Also you have to remember that television news is now a 24 hour business, and that 24 hours needs to be filled seven days a week. Que lazy journalism hence non-stories taking on epic proportions.
Royal Marine dies thousands of miles from home carrying out the dirty, unsavoury but very necessary element of this country's foreign policy on behalf of this nation, it's people and it's politicians? Nah, would much rather hear about a foul mouthed cook's seven year affair!!

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