News blackout on Wicked Witch

Apparently the Wicked Witch is off to some book festival overseas, in the company of an author named Melvin Burgess whose works supposedly verge on child porn. She is also to meet a lady named Elizabeth Laird who published a book about a Palestininan boy who wants to become a terrorist when he grows up.

However, because the security of the First Lady is of prime importance, the Reichschancellory (sorry Downing Street) has asked that the destination is kept secret - despite the fact that the destination has been promulgated overseas by the British Council.

I wonder if she will indulge in the reported practice of dispatching diplomatic service staff as "personal shoppers" this time...
I hope that Sergey the KGB Resident can buy the Dear Leaderess one of those dolls that has smaller dolls within it when she visits. Mind you she'd probably want a Faberge egg. It would save using a civil servant as a "personal shopper".

Oops! 8O
Letterwritingman said:
Do you think our RUSSIAN friend would really do that if she happened to be passing nearby? 8O
If he wants to get in everybodys' good books he will (I hope)!

Never knew we had a British Council in Russa, or a 'Book to Sign/Sell' for that matter?

I'm sure 'You know who' will have a nice holiday at our expense (Again)
MrPVRd said:
However, because the security of the First Lady is of prime importance...
Oi, John, we've only got one First Lady.....and Pillar-box Gob ain't the one! :twisted:

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