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news at ten

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WRAPJOBAGAIN, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. at least 20,000 troops have a brain disease gone unnoticed.

    and nothing done about it.

    will post link when i find it.
  2. I like apples.
  3. I wonder what that is about?
  4. troops that have just come from afgan or iraq.

    just lookin for the link now but cant find it.
  5. Brain disease eh? Sounds like psychotropic warfare to me...
  6. Troops come back from Iraq or Afghanistan with a brain disease huh WJA?
    You must have been doing back to back tours since 1972.
  7. I like apples too.

    Looking forward to the link .............
  8. Fcukin blunt force kinetic truma being mis-labelled as a pathogenic disease? For fook sake min!!

    [In-Limbo reaches for his medical dictonary to throw at 'them']
  9. Somehow, I don't think WrapJob is talking about traumatic injuries to the brain. If he was, that would mean that around a fifth of the army are walking around with physical injuries to their heads that they know nothing about. Hmmm :roll:
  10. I knew that they were apparently meant to often hand out lobotomies once you got promoted up to Major or Colonel but I didn't think it had become quite that widespread yet. ;)
  11. He does say brain disease rather than injury. He's got me curious now.
  12. Even Liam Fox calls it a "disease" and he's a medical doctor!

  13. Fall in the Royal Armoured Corps.

    We're all mad, we are.