News at 10 Interview with OC 4 Rifles

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by netleyned, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Did anyone see the interview last night? Basically chap from British Bullshit Corporation asked/implied we'd legged it from Basra Palace, to which OC 4 Rifles stated "That's Bollocks.", or words to that effect, as his first statement. Lets hope some gimp from Whitehall doesn't come down on him. I'm a tad teed off with the yanks and everyone doing the lads down, and it's good to see that the Spirit of Dickie is alive and kicking in that the zobs are standing up for the lads.

    We all know why it's gone pear shaped, but thrusting it in the face of those on the ground is never a good idea...remember what Bob Stewart did to those 2 press strokers in Bosnia anyone? If you do the journalists don't. Will they ever learn.

    One last thing have all the old county regiments now gone? The Glorious Woofers are part of the Mercian Regt. A sad day. :x
  2. anyone who says "thats bollocks" to the BBC gets my vote! He was great,real straight talker
  3. Patrick Sanders is an outstanding soldier and an exceptional man. His eloquence with the spoken and written word makes him a joy to listen to. I defy anyone not to be moved by the eulogy he wrote for Paul Harding within a couple of hours of his death.
  4. He said 'That's bollox'. It was funny as f*ck actually....he was quite straight faced about it as well. It was a bloody good and apt response to a stupid provocative comment, intended to damage morale.

    A very straight talking man indeed. Good to see....and hear. If as predicated, we face a generation of conflict, it'll hopefully see straight talking guys like him leading the way (and also the demise of the 'careerists' who have blighted the Army over the past 20 years).
  5. What a star of a CO he is! With the amount of IDF they got each day in BP i am amazed that he didnt twat the reporter for such a stupid remark!
  6. Any sign of this on youtube or the such?
  7. I read them all, but you're spot on, this one left me with something in my eye... Sorry I missed it, any YouTube or similar link would be apprecited.

    BTW, what was his former regiment?
  8. No but you can hear him on the Today Programme here

    Look at listen again on the right. He has been to charm school over night and says 'nonsense' when he means bolleaux.
  9. Swift and ( very ) Bold.
  10. I believe he was RGJ all his career, and he is a staunch Football fan as well
  11. Must admit i thought id misheard when he said 'Bollox' until Mrs Scar went he has just said 'bollox' and said good man.
  12. Just picked this up from the MoD website, discussing the move from Basra Palace:;

    "The operation to reposition the battlegroup began yesterday at 2200 hrs local time. Just before 0100 hrs a bugler sounded the advance as the Battlegroup moved out of the Palace in Bulldog, Mastiff, and Warrior vehicles, and helicopters flew overhead"

    Outstanding, outstanding... I hope that makes YouTube...
  13. I sent an email to Patrick Sanders when I read the eulogy for Paul Harding, as I had never read a more moving & human eulogy. I never expected a reply, bearing in mind what a difficult job he has, but I got one. He is indeed a good man.
  14. Spoke to a mate of mine last night *yea yea i have friends* who works over in Iraq (Civvie) and he indicated that the impression the Yanks had was the Brits are doing arunner. and they would not be happy leaving the MSR unprotected??
  15. Video of Lt. Col Sanders with some good old bugling at the end.