News article: The Foreign Secretary has commented on the hostage crisis in Algeria

Ministry of Defence said:
Speaking to the media about the terrorist incident in Algeria the Foreign Secretary William Hague said:
I again condemn utterly the wanton act of terrorism carried out against workers in Algeria. This remains a fluid and evolving situation and many details remain unclear. But the primary responsibility for the tragic events of the last two days rests squarely with the terrorists who chose to attack innocent workers, murdering some and holding others hostage.
Our priority remains to identify exactly what has happened to each British national caught up in this incident. We have sent additional staff to Algeria and are in close touch with the Algerian authorities and BP. We are working to ensure that those who survived this ordeal are properly cared for and reunited with their loved ones, and that the families of all those involved receive full and accurate information and support.
This terrible incident of terrorism has highlighted again the threat in North Africa and the Sahel from international terrorism. Working with our international partners, we shall maintain our resolve to see that threat countered and defeated, and Al Qaida denied a foothold on Europe’s Southern border.
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