News article: Prince Harry completes tour of duty in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Jan 21, 2013.

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  2. And the punch line is...............
  3. Why has MOD RSS posted a picture of a ginger bloke with a long black rope hanging off his groinal region?
  4. More importantly that helicopter could with a good wash. It's filthy.
  5. Urban cam. One of the many under-reported attributes of the WAH-64 is it's chameleon-like ability to blend-in with its surroundings.

    Unlike the Lynx, which just looks like someone's thrown a bucket of used OMD-70 (showing my age now) down the sides.
  6. Careful CB, Wastelands will be marketing the 'Designed in Chameleon like' properties of its Lynx and Lynx spawn products when they read that!

    Does Wildcat leak hyd fluid like a well****ed c**nt as well?

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  7. Not sure on that point. The Lord Flash would know, but he's busy giving someone's wife something to hang her towels on.

    Hydraulic fluid spraying about at 212bar isn't something to laugh about. :)

  8. Unless you stick a Ginger in front then it seems to attract all manner of unwanted attention.
  9. Every Flight needs a flak-magnet...
  10. Good point. Operational ying/yang balance restored then.
  11. From the original post, "Based out of Bastion, the largest coalition military base in the country, 662 Squadron, to which Captain Wales belongs, flew more than a hundred deliberate missions over 2500 flying hours,"

    This begs the question, Were there non-deliberate missions? Did they ever accidentally take off and dust up the wogs?

  12. In answer to your first question, non-deliberate missions are VHR shouts for TICs or CASEVAC.

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  13. That implies that each mission had 250 hours worth of flying....he is my hero!!
  14. Or its a sloppily written article, one of the two.....
  15. Breaking news: Army Officer completes Operational Tour....