[News] Adjournment Debate on Terms of Employment for Reserves, 27 June 6PM


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Adjournment Debate - Terms of employment for reserve service personnel
Thursday 27th June, scheduled to start at 6pm.

The debate is expected to focus on the topic of securing guaranteed employment rights for Armed Forces Reserves.

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About Adjournment Debates inside the Chamber of the House of Commons:
There is a half-hour adjournment debate at the end of each day’s sitting. Members apply for an adjournment debate to the Speakers Office. Subject matters of adjournment debates are varied; examples include debates on defence issues, pensions and combating benefit fraud. The Speaker chooses Thursday’s subject; for other days, MPs are selected by ballot.

The MP who tabled the relevant adjournment debate is called to speak and a Minister will reply. The MP has no right of response, but can intervene in the Minister’s speech if he or she is willing to allow it (called ‘giving way’).


Following on from the debate yesterday, some of the subjects brought up during the course of the Adjournment Debate on Reserve Service personnel terms of employment included:

  • Reservists loss of holiday pay and entitlements after tours
  • Protections and means of challenging employer decisions for Reserves
  • Ways to ensure non-British companies comply with legislation
  • Impacts on families of loss of holiday entitlement

Perhaps some of these issues match your experiences.

To read the full transcript of the 30 minute Debate please go to House of Commons Debates 27 June 2013.

To watch the recording of the 30 minute debate please go to Parliament TV Player. Please note that Windows Media Player or Silverlight are required to stream parliament TV.

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