Newly Qualified Nurse - QARANC Soldier now or QARANC Officer later...

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Scottish_Student_Nurse, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. Right now Im a Newly Qualified Staff Nurse working in Acute Surgical for 3 months now...

    I want to join the army... Soldier or Officer

    Ive been in OTC for three years, love it. Attended AOSB cat 3IP (gutted) but told to come back after I qualify by the DS.

    I would really like to deploy on operations before the pull out to get that experience of nursing in that environment .
    I think I will struggle getting a PID for deployment with TA because I am not in ITU or A&E.

    Wondering if going in two years into a Band 7 (Nursing Officer role) is really a good idea because I would just like to get a very solid clinical grounding before going into management or flying desks.

    If I were to go in mid 2012 go to pirbright. Would i likely to get an A&E posting or an ITU posting then hopefully deployment and then would have 2/3 years under my belt of military and clinical experience to then apply for commission.

    Thoughts welcome...
  2. Looking positively at a time line and a chance for you to deploy:

    JUNE 2012 - Commence Phase 1 Trg - (Remain injury free, do well and complete training 14 weeks later)
    SEPT 2012 - Assignment to Unit (This is the key point - If you go to a unit that is not scheduled to deploy then your chances are reduced greatly)

    If you get a non deploying unit then your best chance will be back filling from the trawls...

    As for the commission of luck but why wait 2 or 3 years?
  3. but be honest Karabiner, youve not exactly gone far since you commissioned! :)
  4. good post Coke, made a lot of sense and will help the OP make up their mind.
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  5. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    You should have quoted him just in case he edits it and the wisdom within is lost forever.
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  6. Shitty blood phone. Tried to post and managed to delete it. The thought has gone now anyway.
  7. My thoughts Scottish_Student_Nurse for all they are worth:

    If you want to join the Army as a Soldier or Officer; That would initially really depend on whether you were successful at AOSB or ADSC for that matter...

    Unfortunately, there is a perception that, firstly just because someone was in the OTC they would make it as a Regular 'Nursing' Officer and secondly that you would pass AOSB (which you obviously and unfortunately didn't and TBH cat 3IP...).

    You think incorrectly that you would have to be an ITU or ED nurse to stand a better chance at deploying? Generalist Nurses are just as much in demand on deployments...

    Why on earth do you think you'd be a Band 7 just because your a Nursing Officer? It really doesnt work like that...

    Specialising would be down to your Commanding Officer supporting such a career direction the NEA.