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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by pauline499, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. Hello, I am a newly qualified Pharmaceutical Technician and would like suggestions to a good posting. I initially thought of 22 Fd Hospital but heard that the SNCO in charge of the Pharm Techs was "Undesirable and aggressive" Is this true? If so I will need to appraise my decision quickly.


  2. Is you real name Pauline?
  3. I'm sure 22 fd is no worse than any other field unit you will find yourself in as a new qualified Pharm Tech.

    Although, may I also suggest that if you are going to post something like this then not to mention what trade you are, that you are newly qualified and what unit you are going to! If said SNCO is registered on here and you do end up going to said unit then I wish you luck :)
  4. Haven't got a clue how the Army works have you?

    (Please tell me enema stacker is now a QARANC trade and this gimp isn't sullying my beautiful Corps)
  5. Pauline, a newly qualified Pharm tech, shouldnt be too hard for any SNCO Pharm Techs to work out who you are! Especially if your last 3 are 499! You may find the welcome at your new unit may be a bit 'frosty' to start with after such an interesting introductory post on here.

    The naivety and innocence of youth! Was I ever that foolish? (wipes tear from eye)

    Edited for not being able to multitask (breathe and type)
  6. Who's Emma?

    Although there is a certain poetry there: Emma the enema stacker

    Is she her own worst enema?
  7. Haha, well spotted, I was just talking to an Emma! I will change my post.
  8. I do not believe that anyone would be stupid enough to give away their details while slagging off the new boss! 8O
    Therefore 'Pauline' is infact the tw@t SNCO from 22 who is fishing for info on how everyone thinks of him :wink:

    I now claim my £5
  9. Ease up fellas, all she has to do is rock up at 22 hit the knees and suck pole and all will be forgiven!!

    Got a golf ball and a garden hose Pauline as you'd better get some revision in!!