Newly Commisioned , but no regimental tours any suggestions

Sorry, to bother

Have recently joined my unit, only to be informed that there are no op tours for me to go on during my posting. It’s the way the cycle works, does anyone know how I would find out about possible trawls. The adj though supportive says there is nothing I can do, and I can’t approach Glasgow direct.

Any Suggestions links? Please

monkeyspanker said:
Trust me, the trawls will be there.

And the Adjt WILL know about them.

It depends what Rank/Appt the trawls are for.

No-one is hidding anything.
If your newly commissioned, i'm assuming that you have been posted as a Tp Commander to your unit.

The job you are currently doing is important to both the people you have the privilage to command and to your career development. Would you want to augment another unit and leave the Tp you've been forging a relationship with behind to gain Op experience?

You will, undoubtedly, get your chance to deploy. Your not being short changed, your just waiting your turn.

However the spankers and heid's advice is sound. There are always opportunities.
Crazy Fool

Boney-M is quite right. Troop Commanding is what being a YO in the Corps is all about. If you are prepared tyo give it up in order to do an Op tour, then I would suggest you need to re-adjust your priorities. (I would suggest your Adjt may not be too impressed either..)

I will assume that you are a grad, which means that this is probably the only Tp Comd tour you will get, do not throw it away. We will be on Ops for many a year to come and you will get your chance. My first Troopies tour involved no deployments, but 4 yrs and 3 tours after that I was heartily sick of the Balkans - it all comes to those who wait.


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