Newham council wants to send 500 tenants to Stoke

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. According to this BBC article: BBC News - Newham Council accused of 'social cleansing' of tenants Newham council in East London (where the games are to be held) have asked a Stoke housing association if they would like to take 500 'very needy' council tenants who are currently awaiting social housing. Natually Stoke council are a bit upset about this. The article makes very interesting reading, but what does 'very needy' actually mean and this comment from the MP for Stoke:

    And he's a Labour MP (solidarity brothers!) too. I wonder just who or what these people are? Asylum seekers? The terminally unemployed? or just the utter dross that Newham thinks it will be best rid of by shipping them almost 200 miles north?
  2. Stoke? Haven't the poor bastards suffered enough already?
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  3. Well, we're still reaping the 'benefits' of London Boroughs packing off all their druggie scum to the south coast in the 80's.
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  4. Any takers?

  5. Someone knows their military history - classic pincer movement. Large ethnic minority civpop to the north. 500 families from a largely ethnic minority area of London, moving up from the south?
  6. Would these needy families be surnamed, Smith, Jones and Williams perchance? They will all of course be British passport holders and have lived in Newham for three or four generations, so it is unfair to uproot them and send them to a far city of which we know little.
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  7. As Jones & Williams are Druid names they can **** off back to Wales.
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  8. Can't they be sent to the Republic of Ireland instead ? There are over 75,000 empty properties there and I understand the government could use the rent .
    Spain is full of empty properties too, and they could certainly use the rent.....
    Just put a rumour about that on top of benefits you get a free plasma TV , Sky , an I phone and Nike trainers for every member of the family if they agree to go. Job jobbed.
  9. Lets get it right -these days most of the surnames on the civilised (west) side of Offa's Dyke are of Italian, Somali or Polish origin.
  10. To be fair, they sent a load of shit to Nottingham as well.

    It's a bit like a human version of where to dump nuclear waste really.
  11. We've already had our villages and valleys flooded for reservoirs for bloody Birmingham.

    We've done our bit.
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  12. Is this a straight copy of what the Chinese did four years ago - clear the worst of the scum off the streets before the world's media arrive? If so, can we not take it one step further and start harvesting a few organs for needy taxpayers?
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  13. Trouble is , Romanians are arriving faster than the authorities can clear them. According to the Great Organ of Truth that is The Daily Milf , half of Romania have arrived to beg , steal or prostitute themselves . Usual hand wringing about
    " There is nothing we can do , they come for the benefits " quote . Wrong .
    All EU agreements regarding open borders actually make it clear that if said migrants have no proper means to support themselves you can deny them entry .
    Sadly there is no mention of harvesting their organs to pay for their deportation , but I agree , it sounds like a plan.
  14. Stoke already has a BNP infestation. Suggest they get North Staffs A&E back onto 24 hour opening before giving this a go.

    Exiled Laaandahners of every rainbow hue. Lovely. Last thing I need is Somali gunmen pushing a fruit and veg barrer about the estate.
  15. If that is actually true then it works very well. France refuses to keep them & sends them on here.
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