newfoundland dog

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by ordinaryforces, Nov 19, 2011.

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  1. Has anyone on here ever owned one?
    I recently lost a labrador (broke my fukcing heart) but anyway I've always fancied a newfie because I don't see any downside to them.I know they are huge and lazy and daft..but thats what appeals to me,and there is no recorded instances of aggression in them, I live near water and woods so exercise for them is not a problem,
    anythig to be wary of?
  2. Never-ending ropes of sticky drool, everything you own will look like it's been bukkake'd.
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  3. They can overheat quickly in hot weather, due to their waterproof coat. Although not aggressive, their sheer size and strength means they can knock down children or even adults while playing.

    No real drawbacks as long as you have the space to keep them. They fact you live near water is a bonus, as these dogs love to swim(webbed paws).
  4. Do you have a mahoosive house? No children? A big dog poo bin?
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  5. Thanks sofar
    I live in Ireland so hot weather not a major issue, I have no small kids of my own so as for any other kids fuckem,as for ever seen the wife?
  6. Great dog, not an aggressive bone in them. They don't do stairs very well though, and they will eat you out of house and home.
  7. The fur they have lots and lots of fur. Lovely dogs but don't forget giant breeds aren't long lived. I'd always wanted a St.Bernard but they just don't live long enough.
  8. Thats the bit I don't like, the short lifespan, my lab got to 14yrs and hurt me badly when he went.( the sods get close to you)
    but then again at my age he'll probably see me out.
  9. OF, friend of mine has 2, beautiful dogs, good natured but a LOT of work to keep occupied. Exercise is about 45 minutes per session as due to their size they fatigue quickly. They eat humongus amounts of scran so be prepared. Good luck if you do decide to get one.
  10. Cheers
    Sofar I have read nothing that will put me off getting one.
    they're expensive pups to buy.
  11. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Lady i knew while growing up loved newfies, always had at least two. Friendliest daftest dogs i ever had pleasure of meeting! However, ate several pounds of sausages per day, as others have said!
    Funniest thing i saw though was when she gave the leads to a friend while she popped into a shop. When the owner came ut of the shop again, these two walking carpets saw her and took off running to meet her. Unfortunately the friend was now talking to someone else and had wrapped the leads around one arm, so ended up being dragged along the floor :)
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  12. If you live near the arctic circle, have no windows and doors and don't mind sharing your home with a hair and drool factory, then crack on. They are good swimmers and good lifeguards, i.e. if you go for a swim the dog will keep dragging you and yours out of the water leaving big teethmarks in your arms (some chesapeakes and labs do this to, but Newfies thrive on it). They are no use as gundogs, not even for waterfowl, they overheat all the time.
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  13. Great big daft lovelly things.
    But as with any large breed there joints can tend to give up the ghost and when they do it'll proberbly happen when they are young this can be managed but be prepared to remortgage the kennel to cover vets bills >Just operating on them costs a lot more than your average heinz 57 due to the amount of annesthetic requirred.
    They are also prone to congenital heart problems.Other than thatthey are fab true freinds .But if you get one buy another sofa as the one you have now will belong to the pooch...
  14. TBH, if I was going to buy a dog that size I'd go for one of the Mastiff breeds. Incredibly strong but usually calm and friendly. Just don't make them angry. You would'nt like them when they're angry...:shock::biggrin:
  15. Lovely things but prone to a variety of big dog congenital disorders including hip issues if my local trout farming local lovely is correct (she's go one)