Newcastle United Football Club - The Horror!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hoochie, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. Geordie and proud life long magpie fan, but the situation in Toonsville is beyond comical. Our season has ended before it has started and the red and white Wearside scum have already started with the jokes:

    "Christmas is cancelled in the Toon, they have lost the messiah, only have one wise man but on the plus side they still have 11 donkeys in the stable"

    Honestly if the club was a dog it would have put to sleep years ago! Gonna be lots of empty seats in SJP this year me thinks.... :cry:
  2. At least I'll have a chance to get a ticket - wont be much worse seeing. To be honest and this is going to seem quite controversial I have never really rated Keegan as a tactician, however this is hardly the point - it all started sliding after Sir Robert but the meddling and backsliding is only getting worse. How will we attracta name like Mourinho now?
  3. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I figured Keegan would do his usual job of instilling some pride for a season or two, getting a big push and then dropping off when the sparkle fades. However, from what I've read, I've got to agree with the bloke. There's no way he could stay after that sort of treatment - he's entitled to some respect and he wants to keep it that way. The Toon have shot themselves in the foot yet again. I'm surprised they've got any toes left.
  4. It's not just NUFC, English (I should say Premiership) football is dead - or it soon will be. The sport of the working man has now been taken over by wealthy foreign investors and those that have not yet been taken over are begging for one to do so (see Everton FC). Clubs have become the playthings of the wealthy - Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Newcastle etc. etc. Money has ruined the game. I won't disagree that Premiership football in recent years has seen a meteoric rise in terms of being a business, but when the money pulls out, and it will, then that meteoric rise will become a metoric slump (Leeds Utd anyone?). Players wages are becoming a joke (Robhino - 6 million Euros pa?) as are the entry prices to the grounds.

    I used to be a passionate follower of my hometown club. No more. Not when the owners (who tend to have as much football knowledge as a dead hedgehog) are picking the teams, selecting who will be bought and sold and are even advising players on tactics.

    As I said, money has ruined the game and Sky are no innocents in this either. I am cancelling my Sky subsciption - I only had it for the football. Talking of Sky - I now see that Setanta show quite a few of the top Premiership games. I got Sky TV based on watching the top Premiership matches each week. I now find that not only am I paying more (it's just gone up to £47.75 for the full package) I am getting less and it would cost me an additional £10 per week to wach exactly what I was watching last season.

    Premiership football is dead. Long live the lower leagues - I'm off to support my (now) local team this weekend. Blue Square Premier - good, honest football, a before the match pint, a pie and entry and I'll still have change from £20.
  5. Ive been saying this to my mates for ages, football in this country is being spoiled by the fat cat money men! Teams like Hull and Stoke and even my beloved Newcastle havent got a chance in hell against the bigger clubs these days and are becoming just 'also rans.'

    Looking at the line up of the top teams there arent many homegrown players because the owners simply go abroad and buy up the best players. The poorer clubs snap up the left overs. its effecting the national team and its no wonder we didnt qualify for anything this year. I watched most of the world cup but it felt empty to me.

    I hope in a way there is a slump and football comes back to the fans. The players get payed more in a week than most people earn in a year, then turn up on a saturday ( if they feel like it ) and simply go through the motions! they dont care if they win or lose, they get payed the same wedge either way! It must be very hard for Managers to motivate some of these players who are not short of being millionaires.

    My brother plays for a junior team and they slug it out every week and fit there training in round work. They get paid less than the cost of a round of drinks at shearers bar at SJP but play because they enjoy it and want to see there team succeed and not let there band of loyal supporters down.

    Like Bonzo i think i'll support them from now on.

    Im away to sulk about Keegone a bit more now, and have switched me Phone of due to the texts coming in from the wearside and teeside contingents! They're loving every minute of this the tw@s!
  6. My Bold
    What's this got to do with Sarah Jessica Parker? And what is her capacity?
  7. ah well, get Astro instead. costs £20 a month, you get all the big games live every week, including saturday 3pm kickoffs, and the games are repeated in subsequent days in case you missed them.

    of course you have to be in SE Asia to get the signal... :(
  8. Bonzo my friend,

    Saldy your comments ring true and are very pertinent.

    I work opposite SJP and the fans have been stood in the lashing rain baying for the fat rag peddelrs blood all day. All in vane I'm afraid. Ashley has to much money to actually give a toss about the fans and treats the club like a hobby. People outside of the region do not understand how much NUFC occupies our hearts and minds, it used to be the lifeblood of Tyneside now sadly I think many mearly watch out of morbid curiosity or for the freak show value that seems to be increasing season after season as we head ever closer to self destruction.

    It could be worse I suppose, they could bring back Dalglish, Gullit, Allerdyce or feck'n Souness et al

    Football is broken and ne buuger can find the repair manual...
  9. Get out!
  10. You need to relight that internal flame, get yerself down to the stadium of light, see whats its all about and find your passion again. You might even come back
  11. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    And youo can still stand up to watch your football. And at some grounds the crowd still changes ends. You can't beat it!
  12. Send in the clowns, err I mean Mackems!!!!
  13. Regards the death of football, pulled this of a forum i frequent:

    They'll Only Miss Us Once We've Gone

    What is it that Guinness advert proclaims? "All good things come to those who wait". Well the Footballing Authorities may not have to wait too much longer until their transition of the game is complete. To rid the game of the bad and populate it only with the good. No more rowdy behaviour, no more rebels of society daring to stand up and make their feelings known, no more problems.

    Their ideals consist of fans turning up every week, queuing to gain entry in an orderly fashion, having booked their tickets 3 months in advance. Entering the stadium and taking their seats, rising only to applaud goals where they dance along to carefully selected music over the PA, before clearing up their litter and disappearing into the countryside until the following weekend. No hassle, no passion, no noise.

    As the game I know and love becomes more diluted by the passing year, I often wonder just when the breaking point will come. When will those authorised with sanitising our game realise the error of their ways? Or can they not actually see that they are breaking the very foundations of what has made this sport a success? Pound signs blur their vision, seen all too often in every walk of life. Greed takes over, people want more. They've exhausted the Premier League "brand" and now have visions of taking it further afield; the infamous "Game 39". Translated to you and me, meaning they have milked pretty much every penny they can from the "consumers" in this country, and now want to tap into the pockets of those football hungry consumers overseas. All in the name of expanding the pockets of the shareholders, players and governing bodies of our sport. Our sport, not theirs.

    If I rewind 7 or 8 years; I'm leaving the house on a matchday and making my way to Anfield. There was no need to ring around in the morning; I'd just turn up and walk into one of two or three pubs around the ground, and would bump into people I knew. You knew where everyone would drink, and had done for years. The same faces, the people that made this club what it is. I can pop my head into those same pubs now, and I wouldn't recognise a soul. Those long standing supporters have now all but disappeared, replaced by families from all over, decked out in official replica sportswear and taking pictures of anything that moves. There's a smaller crowd of us left and tend to keep out of the way. We don't conform. Those areas around the ground have now been taken over by the new brigade, while the old guard retreat to pastures further afield.

    Year after year, more and more people are dropping away. There's still a hardcore of a few hundred that travel everywhere. There's still thousands that go to every home game just like they always have. But it's becoming harder and harder for these people to carry on. Supporters being replaced by consumers. Participants being replaced by spectators. Just how much higher can the bar be raised by the controlling bodies before they've pushed away everyone that gave the game it's appeal in the first place? What happens when the passion disappears for good? You can't manufacture passion, no matter how hard some clubs try.

    They have mascots running up and down the touchline trying to encourage the fans. At Bolton they play "I feel good" when they score, with two young lads running the length of the pitch with big flags. Music played after goals is now commonplace, as if fans don't know how to celebrate a goal by themselves. Is it because they realise the passion is dead and are trying to hang onto a small semblence of it? Or is it aimed at manufacturing a friendly atmosphere to suit their agenda?

    Manufactured support; I can't think of anything worse. Handing out those clappers seems to be the next step this season, with the whole of St.Andrews clapping along with them before their opening game. This in a ground that used to be known as one of the most passionate and hostile in football; now transformed into a childrens play ground with everybody doing as they are told. Sat down and singing what the club want them to sing, and clapping when they want them to clap. So sad. Ticket prices on the increase there every season, and a ground I now refuse to visit. £40 for an away ticket some 4 years ago. No thanks. It doesn't take a genius to work out why they barely fill half of that ground any more.

    Newcastle had their lowest league attendance for nearly a decade at the weekend, with cash turnstiles in operation, entry for £10 if you bought a replica shirt and other such promotions, but still had thousands of empty seats. Manchester United have been contacting everybody on their mailing lists trying to push season ticket sales again this summer. Whereas Old Trafford used to be like Fort Knox when it came to getting in, they're now closer to resembling one of the happy hour bars in Benidorm, with teenagers stood outside handing out cards with promotional offers to encourage trade. What was once a closed shop, is now opening it's doors and trying to drag people in off the streets.

    Is the football bubble about to burst? I hope so.

    On Monday night, Portsmouth's most famous fan, the bell ringer with the blue hair, or less commonly known as "John", was approached by the ground staff at Fratton Park and asked to keep the noise down. I'm sure it's not only me that's absolutely staggered by that. Asked to stop ringing his bell and keep the noise down, in a football ground! The mind boggles. But it's another notch on the many that have been made previously, in slowly sanitising the way we support our teams.
    We are told we're not allowed to stand up as it's unsafe; yet rugby sides play in exactly the same stadia and those rules don't apply. Apparently it's safe for rugby fans to stand in those same seated areas, but not football fans (the reasons for that I could write a book on, and will address again). It's madness. They're also allowed to drink in their seats while watching the game. I know of a fan that was facing a 3 year football banning after peering over the exits at White Hart Lane to catch a goal he'd missed when coming down early at half time. He'd walked down the steps, was handed a pint by a friend, and heard the roar from the stands. He went halfway back up the steps to see what had happened, when two officers arrested him for consuming alcohol in view of the playing surface. It defies belief. But I'm told we're different. As our friend from Portsmouth has pointed out this week; would this sort of discrimination be accepted anywhere else, or by anyone else, but football fans?

    I was on a final warning in my old season ticket seat for foul and abusive language. I was reported by fellow fans for swearing, and risked losing my season ticket. Now in that seat, I was reserved, very reserved. It was on the halfway line and not a noise was made all season by anyone. They were spectators, I'm a participant, or like to be. I want to go to the game and let off some steam. I go to work to pay the bills, put a roof over the family heads, and to enjoy myself during my time off. I choose to do that at the football, something I've grown up with. It's always been a part of who I am. But in that seat, I had to control myself and just sit and watch the game, conforming to those around me for over 7 years. I must have sworn a handful of times in that entire period, when telling the referee where to go or some other trivial slip of the tongue. Yet I faced losing my season ticket and not being able to support my side over it. I was one swear word away from walking away from the game for good. If this was in a family enclosure I'd understand. I know when swearing is unacceptable, and in my view, a football ground is one of those places where it fits.

    When I go to the match, I want to stand with fellow fans, my friends. I want to participate in the game, I want to support the side. I want to shout and I want to sing. I want to do the things that made me fall in love with the game and going to the match. But one by one, the authorities are trying to take all those things out of our game. To have us sat in silence, only singing when they want us to sing, and singing the songs they want us to sing. Blaring music over the PA system we are supposed to dance along to. We're unable to create an atmosphere ourselves it seems. For the future, see American sports for how it will go. Club issue foam hands can already be seen, dancing girls have been tried, the list goes on.
    Keep sanitising; you'll soon be wondering where it all went wrong, when the very people that made this game what it is, have all long since disappeared. There's not many of us left. Soon there will be none.

    Enjoy modern football. Enjoy scratching your heads in some plush office arguing with each other about who's to blame when the crowds start to stay away. I'll be long past the caring stage. You'll have brought it upon yourselves and destroyed a game loved by millions in the process. I hope it's worth it.
  14. Ive been mate and the only flame id light down there is to burn the place down!

    anyway its not a scratch on roker park.
  15. Keegan was left with no option but to resign. How could he be a manager, but not have the authority to manage? Sadly, I think its been orchestrated by the club to try and force him out rather than sack him. Luckily, it appears to have gone all pete tong for them, and he can still hold his head high.

    I'd like to see Keegan and Mcdermott start a consortium and take over the club. The man has proved he has an eye for honest, hardworking talent, not the lazy overpaid buffoons NUFC seem to want to buy.

    If he'd been left to purchase the players he wanted, we could have stood a chance - as it is, and has been said many a time before, the club is now on a slippery slope to implosion, and its only a matter of time.

    Who reckons Ashley will be in the stands with the fans for the next game?