Newcastle - nice place or not?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Howay_the_Lads, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. N0 - I agree with Biscuits A_B - It's a shiiite hole full of spiteful little people.

  2. YES - and Biscuits A_B is talking shiiite.

  3. Dunno - never been.

  1. Biscuits A_B's view of Newcastle:

    I go up there most weekends mate. They're all mouth. In fact every Geordie I've ever met has been a big mouthed gobsh*te. Spitefull little people. If they're not at your feet, they're at your throat...........but only if there's a team of them. When I was with the cops up there, it was a laugh a minute. Even the Police live outside Newcastle. Sh*tehole that it is. The Bigg Market? Yeah, great night out if you want glassed by a lass and your wallet stolen. No matter what the council spends money on, the little sh*tes wreck it within days. The Metro is a no go area for women travelling alone, that's when the local youth haven't wrecked it. You daren't park your car in most areas as they'll have it away or parts of it. Newcastle? What a f*cking tip.

    Biscuits A_B may or may not have an agenda against Newcastle. Personally I think that as a city it is no worse than any other in Britain. What's your view?
  2. on Tyne or under Lyme?
  3. Erm - the avatar and the reference to Geordies kind of gives it away.
  4. No worse than slough... apart from the accent :D
  5. So that'll be under Lyme then....

    I'll get my hat and coat.... :roll:
  6. It's not as bad as Darlington nor M'boro, but it is a tip and it's full of layabouts, car thieves and smack heads. Try working there at night, then you'll see it for what it is. Now what part of the statement which you have highlighted is it that you disagree with?
  7. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Pleasant enough city. Reminds me a bit of Glasgow in that it's quite 'industrial' (for want of a better word) but also has done wonders recently to re-develop itself.

    I'm from Edinburgh and Newcastle is nowhere near my home city's level of beauty but it is quite striking and I've always found the Geordies to be cracking company. A night out there is fun but I've never stayed longer than a weekend though and can't comment further.
  8. Maybe the only way to settle it is to have an arrse crawl there!
  9. From very limited experience (Quayside!), a great craic for a night out, cracking women and (fairly) friendly locals. They took the piss out of my accent and I RIPPED the piss out of theirs!!! Did pass through a few shi*holes on the way to town though! But you get that wherever you go! My choice quote from that night:(In a Geordie accent) "What in the name of Peter Beardsley is goin on here like!" Classic.
  10. What a cracking idea!
  11. Just as anywhere, go with the wrong attitude and you'll find trouble. If you don't go looking for trouble, you probably won't find it.

    Treat the Geordies as equals, and remember that it's their home that you're in, and you'll make some great aquaintances. Tell them that they live in a slum and that they are a bunch of thieving skivers and you deserve what you get.

    If you want to make derogatory comments about Geordies and Newcastle, wait until you're out of Newcastle. The Geordie can have a laugh about your comments then, but not while he is on his home turf - it's a matter of pride.

    Swap Geordies/Newcastle for Scousers/Liverpool, Brummies/Birmingham or whatever, it's the same anywhere.
  12. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    cracking 2 years as a PSI there, never met a canny lass who said no :lol:
  13. Biscuits - it very much depends where you go, how you go there and what you're looking for. I can point you at some of the best and worst places on the planet and they're all within a couple of miles of the city centre. My current occupation is the only job I've done longer than being a bouncer in Newcastle - honest. I may have a biased view of the place then.

    I do go back to where I grew up to remind myself of why I left. I'm not a snob - just like to see 'Kylie-Anne and Donna-Marie' with their scummy kids and quality bling (mind - good 9 carat only - none of yer shite) and think I was lucky enough to escape from. It is a compact city with everything in close proximity - and the coast and the beautiful countryside close by. The Bigg Market does need bombing, but there is so much more to the city. My mates there are the closest, people the friendliest (or the worst - same anywhere) and the cost of living is bearable.
  14. i agree on Biggs market , i thought it was over rated, i did like the Hadrians wall aspect as well as visiting Segudunum (Wallsend) it does have its good spot, but i dont feel the urge to go back in a hurry , however if there is an ARRSE crawl there i may be interested.
  15. I went out with a slut of a girl at the uni there many years ago. I distinctly remember being in the town centre one Saturday when Newcastle Utd had lost at home. It was the season they had something like 12 games undefeated at the start of the season and this was their first defeat.

    There were dozens of aggresive pissed up Newcastle Utd fans basically scaring the shite out of daily shoppers. There were Police there trying to keep order. All from a lousy game of football.

    The town is shite, the people are brilliant but the footie supportes with drink inside of them are just 'anchors. In 92-93 it was great on the piss but I wouldn't feel safe now - but that's UK wide not just Newcastle.