Newcastle + Army surplus stores around?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Digital, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know of any Army surplus stores in Newcastle as I'm off on TA training and half-way though we get a day out? Which I am guessing we can do as we please?(any help on this would be nice)

    Not only that I would like to pick-up some extra kit and have a look around Newcastle as I have never been there before, I would be with a few chaps from my unit and we would all like to grab some extra kit if needed while we are on camp.. So does anyone know a good or even just an Army surplus store around Newcastle?

    Any help on our trip out for the day/night and the where-abouts of good places to go would be very well appreciated indeed :)

    Best Regards

    *I would like one of them small flasks that all the NCOs have as I cannot find one around my area!

    **Anyone else going on camp starting this weekend? Would be nice to hear from you and I hope you have your kit packed :)
  2. Not trying to denigrate Newcastle, but if you really have to go there, I'd suggest visiting one of the TA Centres. Probably the best entertainment you'll find.

    I've put the question to Mrs Puttees and her sister (both "Posh Geordies" - so they tell me) and they can't come up with anything better than Metroland in the Metro Centre in Gateshead.

    Or jump off the transport at Rothbury. Again, not much there, but at least you'll get an extra couple of hours in the pubs (all four of them).
  3. Lovely, I will stick that on the list of "to do" hehe I have heard a few things about the camp I am going to but for Newcastle.. I have to say made me chuckle. So I'm visiting Chav-land then ;)

    I'm having a pick though google to find some Army surplus stores around the town but nothing has come about as yet, so I'm looking for recommendations from others :)

    Thanks for your reply :)
  4. On Pilgrim St, theres an Army/Navy surplus store opposite the fire station, which sometimes has some good deals. Got myself a pair of grade 1 Lowa boots there for 50 quid a number of years back, and they were almost brand new...Still going strong, after almost continuous use....

    And if you have a look on Clayton St, just along from Woolworths, theres an Adventure Shop, which sells almost anything in DPM. Prices are sometimes steep, but he does a generous 20% discount of you show your ID card....

    They're both less than 5 mins walk from the Monument (centre of town), but if you want to go a touch further afield, westgate road has some good second-hand shops which sell a lot of military kit, but its a case of digging round looking for it....
  5. What camp you going to? Can direct you to a few pubs that have Charlie Chalk play areas, if you like..!!

    Heh heh heh....
  6. Wonderful, thanks MicknDarcyJo!

    I will visit all that you have listed :), thanks once again for your input ;)
  7. Were off to Otterburn, if I am allowed to say that :) starting this weekend! hehh
    *I do rather like the slide still though! know any pubs with them in?
  8. That's a Jock isn't it :D
  9. I guessed that. Rothbury's the nearest village with more than one pub.

    Can't you talk your Fuehrers into going to the seaside instead? Whitley Bay?
  10. There's one near the fire station in the centre of town, but it's full of webtex crab - although there were a load of uniforms, boots, bergens etc that might be better.
  11. No, Rothbury. (They sound posh to Geordies, but are unintelligible to anybody else). Oops, she'll kill me if she sees this.
  12. B0ll0cks.

    It is much the same as any other place of its size. What do you expect?

    It isn't London - surprise surprise - but has a lot more to offer than e.g. Sunderland, Derby, Wolverhampton, Stoke etc etc (places of comparable size), and I would argue punches well above its weight and has just as much going on as Leeds, Manchester etc.

    The architecture is good and as for drinking the nightlife has just been recommended by the Rough Guide as the No1 must-do activity in the UK, for what it's worth. An international travel association placed it in the world's Top 10 nights out a few years ago.
  13. Ooooooh.....

    The arrse-end of nowhere.....Make sure you take waterproofs....I'm sure you've already been told, but a visit to Otterburn is like visiting 'The Lost World' - The place has its own eco-system, which means the weather is mainly rain, followed by rain, followed by torrential rain...which then turns to rain....

    Still, If its not raining, its not they say....

    Theres a nice little pub in Elsdon, which is nearby. I think its called 'The Bird in Hand'. Lovely for a quiet pint of 'Sheep-sputum' real ale, and a bar meal.....Last time I visited, we pulled up in a troop of Scimitars, left the youngest on stag, and piled in for a meal...taking turns relieving the young-un on stag. Had a lovely celery soup, with cheesy croutons (no duff!!), at a very reasonable price....I must emphasise that no alcohol was drunk on that particular day, as mixing alcohol and tracked vehicles is very, very irresponsible....
  14. I notice you didn't include the three nearest towns of comparable size.

    I'll concede that the nightlife will be as good as anywhere, but poor, poor Digital looks as though he's lumbered with a day and a night there. He's obviously done some research, concluding that visiting Army Surplus shops will be the best daytime entertainment that he'll get. ;)
  15. I've heard that if you cannot pull in Newcastle, you cannot pull!

    * So I'm going to be getting that tagged to me on the night out!

    -Well I have to shine at something, don't I,lol